Top 4 of FCW 2/12/12

This week I think FCW did not try as hard. I am not sure if it was the wrestlers, the booking, or the slow pace of it all but this was one of the sadder episodes of FCW I’ve watched in my short FCW watching career. Best part of this episode, which seemed unfair to put on the list because it was quick, is when Maxine asked the nerdy male announcer who he was. A fan in the crowd shouted, “It’s Hornswoggle’s brother!” That’s as good a guess as any!

4. Colin Cassady vs. Husky Harris

Colin Cassady is one of the only guys I think looks better in his picture than he does on screen. They boasted him at over 300 pounds but it does not make his body type impressive, much like most who weigh over a certain amount. He was up against Husky, who I am still not a fan of.  However, Husky dominated this match and looked as if he might know what he’s doing. I am also liking Husky’s look of late, he finally found something that seems to fit him.

3. Rick Victor vs. Mike Dalton

These last two matches were interchangeable in how much I liked or disliked them. The only reason I put this one at three instead of four is I like Mike Dalton and I can not say that about any of the other guys. Mike Dalton did not look particularly stellar in this match and Rick Victor looked about on the same scale. Considering I know the FCW spoilers that are upcoming this irritates me! Dalton, put on a better show! Damn it, I should have made this one number four.

2. Leakee vs. Leo Kruger

I am a big fan of both of these men, but as ValkyrieSmudge commented on twitter, “Leakee is the inring equivalent of a button masher.” He just seems frantic and to be doing anything he can to keep in the fight without having the real ability to do so. Which makes me blame more him than Leo Kruger when Kruger gets him and Leakee ends up bleeding. To add insult to injury, Leakee wins with a submission, refusing to let Kruger loose until Kruger passes out. I admit, the ending was good, but the match itself was a little stretched.

1. Raquel Diaz vs. Audrey Marie for the Divas Championship

The ending of this match won this. Raquel already had that chance to be number one because I think I have a girl-crush on her (Maxine and Kaitlyn would be my other diva crushes). Audrey Marie, unsteady but prevailing in confidence, nearly had this one. She rolled Raquel up, but her shoulders were down to apply the roll up. One, two, thr– Raquel’s shoulders are up, but Audrey’s are still down! Audrey celebrates, thinking she has won her title back and instead the ref takes the title and tells her it is still Raquel’s. Audrey is devastated, Raquel does smug like no other woman, and I am impressed all around.

Also of note, of course, is William Regal and Byron Saxton on commentary. Unfortunately Chris Russo decides to round out this group and the man can not commentate. He overpowers both Regal and Saxton with noise rather than accuracy and makes it hard to appreciate these men for the talent they have. Yes, all around, I was disappointed with FCW, but I still thought there was enough going on that this is the show to watch!


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