Top 4 of WWE Superstars 2/9/12

The match that started off this show was Justin Gabriel vs. Heath Slater. While I have been enjoying Slater more and more every week I have seen this match too many times and knew how it was going to end. As punishment for Slater winning against Bateman on NXT he had to lose, to Gabriel, via 450 Splash. Gabriel needs a new finisher. I have seen this move too many times and it is one of those contrived moves that requires too much setting up. It no longer looks natural.

Okay, rant over, onto the list!

4. Yoshi Tatsu vs. Johnny Curtis

Yoshi comes out first, sans mask, and the commentators make a note about the lack of it. Then out comes Curtis, throwing the mask down to the ground. Striker notes, “Creepy, carnal, suggestive, Johnny Curtis.” The match was decent. It was not great, it was not awful. Curtis does not get enough wrestling time to polish his style and Tatsu seemed to have to slow down his moves for Curtis to keep up with the ring-work. Still a decent match that proves these are two men who are too blatantly ignored.

3. Primo and Epico vs. JTG and Michael McGillicutty

Is JTG wearing his pants backwards? Oh yes, yes he is. I do not know why they put JTG with Michael McGillicutty. This tag team seemed random for random’s sake. JTG should have come out with Tamina, but it seems they have forgotten those two were a couple. Tamina should introduce JTG to a new tag team partner because McGillicutty just did not fit. BUT Primo and Epico came out with Rosa. Rosa in slow-mo, even as a heterosexual woman, is something wondrous to behold. Great match with excellent commentary that sees Primo with the pin on JTG. I think WWE should stop pretending that McGillicutty is the man they still want to push and letting JTG get the pin. JTG is so fly…

2. Santino vs. Jack Swagger

Santino briskly walks around the ring before entering, readying himself for a possible second take-down of the United States Champion. Jack Swagger comes out accompanied by Vickie Guerrero, who for the second week in a row flirts with Scott Stanford!!!! ………….. Okay, I am back. Swagger, finally, looks dominant in the ring. He knocks Santino down, does push ups off of his back, and wins with the ankle lock. He freaking won with the ankle lock! This is a better way to treat a champ instead of having him falling ass-backwards into a title. It is what they did to him when he was a champ on Smackdown and he is better than that.

1. Scott Stanford

Yes! I can do the return of Scott Stanford at number one. This episode of Superstars was the best one in weeks (possibly months) and it pains me when I can not do a decent list. It makes me giddy when I can plaster Scott’s name all over it. He is the one that puts over all talent in the ring, he is the one who always has a quip about every person and a humorous take. Without taking things too seriously but while not drawing your attention away from the action in the ring, Scott Stanford continues to be the shining star on Superstars because he makes you care about the matches going on. His enthusiasm sells the matches more than the superstars in the match, and let me say on this episode these men put more effort into it.

Scott Stanford’s best lines this Superstars:

“By the way Josh, does JTG have his pants on backward?” “I think it’s just his belt.” “This guy is so cool he doesn’t even have to wear his pants forward!”

“Look at that slow-mo.”

“I tried that brisk walk once before I twisted my ankle. That was the end of that.”

“Say hello to my little friend! No!”

(Josh to Scott) “Vickie just came over and did some sort of cougar claw at you.” (Scott‘s response) “It’s complicated, it’s a little complicated right now, can’t really get into it.”



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