Top 4? of FCW 2/5/12

This week saw the return of Bo Rotundo. He’s widely loved throughout the FCW community and I could feel the excitement resonating from a collective sigh. He did not make my list. I started watching FCW after Rotundo was injured so this was the first match I have ever seen Bo Rotundo in while watching FCW. He was against Nick Rogers (Mr. Jacked, seeming to have dropped that awful gimmicky name). It was a squash. Rotundo did not show anything of what I had been told to adore about him in the two minute squash. This is why Brodus Clay is only entrance music to me, the matches show me nothing. I can’t get behind a guy who squashes just because he’s returned.

That was a bit of a rant, but I think I needed to explain why this list is leaving Bo Rotundo out. I apologize.

5. William Regal and Byron Saxton

What the Hell, Solace? Did you forget how to count? Nope. This episode was so crammed with things I loved, and again the matches took precedence, that I had to scurry in my fifth thing. William Regal is beloved on commentary and there is only one person I would put above Byron Saxton in a pairing with Regal. Regal’s quiet snark works with Saxton’s outright egotism. Two heel announcers, not burying talent? This is what commentary should sound like.

4. Eli Cottonwood and Corey Graves vs. Brad Maddox and Briley Pierce

Let me start off by saying, yes, Eli Cottonwood is still employed. And looking like a different person. When I had last seen him on NXT he had been trying to grow a mustache and had been a bit soft, but he had the height. He may not have been my favorite on that season but I still liked him and was sad to see him go. Now he’s muscled, has a mustache and beard, and looked good in the ring. Paired with Corey Graves, who is a scary looking dude without a shirt and intriguing with, the two could make a freaky tag team. I approve. Brad Maddox and Briley Pierce continue to show why they work well together but unfortunately it was not enough to get them a win. Cottonwood pinned Pierce for, hopefully, an opportunity at the tag team titles.

3. Damien Sandow vs. Richie Steamboat

“Lights. Spotlight please. If you all were smart you would get your cameras out.” Sandow steps to the ring and a Steamboat chant fills the small arena. Sandow retorts, “I thank you for your irrelevant opinion.” These men are good in the ring but I am still not completely sold. Steamboat, while skilled, comes out flat. Sandow, while knowing the right words to say, does not deliver his lines with any interest in the character he’s built up. Between the two of them I was under whelmed and then had an ending that made me grimace. They were putting on a decent match and then comes the wrench for the turnbuckle, Sandow knocking Steamboat out.

2. Audrey Marie and Kaitlyn vs. Sofia Cortez and Raquel Diaz

Kaitlyn can not do a dropkick. It is the place where she continues to struggle. Unfortunately, with her being the one signed into WWE, the other women show her up in this match. Audrey Marie comes out in the blue version of Kaitlyn‘s pink baseball ensemble. Sofia Cortez, who I feared was going to be another skinny blonde that could not do much of anything, stepped out and rocked in the ring, and has a better figure than I initially gave her credit for. Raquel Diaz rounds out this group with superior talent and in-ring presence. Everyone has a chance to show off their wrestling chops in this match. All four women are forces to contend with, if WWE gets its act together on how to treat women.

1. Leakee vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

These three men are in my top five on FCW. And unlike Booker T’s top five, mine remains the same until I just drop someone. I will skip the majority of details on this match and just go straight to the ending. We had just discussed that we had not actually seen Ambrose use his finisher yet and he looked to be about to use it on Leakee. Breath held, Leakee reversed it. He was going to do a Samoan Drop. Disappointment started to weigh in until Seth Rollins ran in to try to stop Leakee from getting the pin. What it did instead was get Rollins caught up in Leakee’s other arm and then both dropped. After, Leakee goes for a Bulldog on Ambrose and gets the pin. Okay, so I still have not seen Ambrose’s finisher, but wow. Wow.

And with all of those things mentioned I did not even tease upon the two segments that were filled with amounts of hilarity that are almost unheard of unless done by Derrick Bateman. This continues to be the show to watch week after week.


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