FCW Top Four of 1/29/2012

This was a hard episode to give four things to. Not because there were not four things but because there were more than four. For once I allowed the matches to dominate the top four, but William Regal returning to commentary should be noted. Unfortunately he replaced Byron Saxton and not Chris Russo. That, however, is another discussion entirely!

4. Antonio Cesaro vs. Big E Langston

When people talk about how great certain wrestlers are I need to stop listening. I go in expecting great things out of them and then am disappointed if they are not seemingly the best because they have been built up that way. Cesaro was built up that way and in the last match I saw him in he was lumbering and slow. This match against Big E Langston, who looks like he should be lumbering and slow, but is not, Cesaro recovers his speed. Before this match Cesaro gave a speech of how America is not the super-power, when he looks in the mirror every day he sees the true super-power. Cesaro definitely impressed me more in this match while Big E Langston continues to prove he’s a better wrestler than the really big guys already in WWE.

3. Kenneth Cameron vs. Calvin Raines

It hurts me to put this match so far down on my top four, because I’m a huge Ascension fan. Even if they seem to have taken the rest of Ascension and let them disappear. Cameron and Raines put on a great match but the reason this one was dropped down to three was predictability. The thing with Ascension is you know they are going into the ring to win. It is great but sometimes it makes for matches that are not up to snuff. This match was better than the last few Cameron matches and Raines actually had a fighting chance. What brought this match up to three instead of four: the crazy Jawbreaker that Cameron used on Raines. He grabbed him by the neck, swung his legs up, and brought Raines down. Oh yeah, that move was sweet.

2. Mike Dalton and Xavier Woods vs. Rick Victor and Leo Kruger

Wait, did Teddy Long make a special appearance on FCW and they cut it off the television show? These four men seem to be randomly put together. Mike Dalton, Rick Victor, and Leo Kruger all make excellent shows. I am still not convinced of Xavier Woods yet. He wrestles well, but the character could be more than someone who spouts, “Good job, good job,” whenever he gets the chance. This match moved higher up for the lesser predictability. I thought it was possible that Dalton might win it, if against Victor, but I knew Kruger was not going to lose. However, after great offense from Dalton he does lose to Rick Victor.

1. Richie Steamboat vs. Damien Sandow

This is number one not just because I love the Jack Brisco 15 Minute Championship matches, and that you get a gold medal for winning, but that I did not see the end coming. Richie Steamboat knocked Sandow out of the ring when they were both one-to-one. Sandow seemingly seemed out but Steamboat dragged him back into the ring. Even Regal questioned this move, wondering if he would have been better off letting Sandow be counted out. When Sandow kicks out of the pin I thought this was over, even if it is one-to-one Sandow is keeping his title. No, Steamboat gets a pin with seven seconds to spare! Steamboat is the new 15 Minute Champion! Excellent match with an excellent turn of events.

This week there is of note a small scene with Maxine, Washington, and Bronson which is quite funny. Afterwards Danielle Moinet walks in to question Maxine’s abilities with the nerdy ring-announcer I still have not learned the name of. Danielle Moinet is a former Lingerie Football League player for the Chicago Bliss. I wonder how she survived it. She is a tall woman who is so small around that I could wrap my fingers of one hand around her arm. This does not take away from her ability, which I have yet to see, but it does make me worry what they are going for with her.

Aksana also has another crying scene, complaining to Kruger how “he” hurt her. Kruger tells her, “Don’t you worry, baby. I will take care of him.” Oh wow, that accent. And Bo Rotundo makes a bigger return as Kruger comes out to face him, accusing him of hurting Aksana, and calling him “Bo-Bo.” Yes, this.

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