Royal Rumble Predictions Part 1: CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler

For those who have been following the blog, for the last couple of months you’ll notice that we have predictions that I post on the blog. It was all in good fun until a title came into play. Now everyone wants to be the best predictor on the internet! This month, so far, I have 37 people who have entered the predictions. It was meant to be 30 so I could have the same amount of predictors as there are supposed to be Rumble entrants, but I have a hard time saying no. Since there are so many I am breaking down the predictions into parts. Here are the final predictions!

CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler (for the WWE Championship)

SolaceWinter Prediction:
I am hoping that a lot of what is going on with Punk is a swerve so it can still not be Punk who wins. Punk lost too many times to Ziggler and they are doing everything to assure his win. BUT it feels like it’s too soon for Ziggler to get the title he so deserves. I have to go with: Winner: CM Punk

TheSupremeForce Prediction:
Well, you know how much I want Ziggler to win, but I really think Punk’s winning it. I’d like to be wrong, but I don’t think I am. Winner: CM Punk

BizarroDoom Prediction:
I like the Rumble for numerous reasons; one being that they experiment with their title matches. This should be excellent, but Punk is virtually a lock to win. Dolph has gotten the better of him too often, plus he just isn’t quite at WWE Champion level, yet. Winner: CM Punk

ZackZiggler Prediction:
Punk vs Ziggler – So hard to call. We want to go with Punk. But we think somehow Ziggler will pull it off, then lose it back to punk on #RAW But… We are going to go with Punk though… Winner: CM Punk

OWA_Sephiroth Prediction:
Now would easily be a perfectly fine time for my hero(rather my #heel) to win, but Zigs going in looks too dominant . WINNER: CM Punk

SirTweets_ALot Prediction:
I guess Y2J is around for a while, wbich I didn’t think he would be, which leads me to believe- Winner: CM Punk

WWEThatsNotPG Prediction:
Punk, But a great showing for Dolph. Winner: Punk

AIRFAHMI437 Prediction:
Ace is knocked out mid match and Punk hits GTS on Ziggler, then Punk lifts the lifeless arm of Ace and counts the 123. Winner: Punk

JoeBewick Prediction:
They are building towards a heel Jericho vs a face at WrestleMania, and they won’t turn Ziggler face. Winner: CM Punk

ValkyrieSmudge Prediction:
We’re too close to Mania for them to catapult Dolph to main event and signs point to Punk/Jericho then. Winner: Punk

Shawn Decker Prediction:
I’m not sure if I just like bad guys more, but Ziggler is who I’m pulling for. I’d love to see him win the title. However, in keeping with my Royal Rumble prediction, I gotta go with Punk to retain.  Having the title shift so close to WrestleMania is always a drag. Just wish that Punk’s title era wasn’t ruined by jobbing to Triple H and feuding with one half of the Dynamic Dudes.  At least he gets to wrestle a wrestler here.
Winner: Punk

JerrySorrentino Prediction:
Winner: Punk

BostonMadePunk Prediction:
I can see Punk holding on the title until WrestleMania or so. And someway I can see Triple H getting involved with Laurinaitis. Winner: CM Punk

StephiOC815 Prediction:
Think there will be some monkey biz but think Punk keeps it. Winner:Punk

Insomnivic Prediction:
actually am going to change my pic to ziggler, because this is what will happen, ziggler will cheat to win some how, but the next night HHH will force john to make a rematch (against johns will) but vicki and swagger will be banned from ring side, so punk will win the title. Winner: Punk

WrestlingNoob Prediction:
Punk Def Ziggler During the match, something will happen to Johnny Ace (Getting hit on accident for example) And someone, most likely Mick Foley, will count the 1,2,3. Winner: CM Punk

WWECapshuns Prediction:
I think Punk is going to retain because I think Jericho is going to interfere IN HIS FAVOR cuz Jerry wants to feud with HIM, not Zig Winner: Punk Retains

WWFE_Nostalgia Prediction:
WHAT: Punk over Ziggler at around 20 minutes.
HOW: HHH “surprises” everyone at ringside and keeps an eye on Gentleman Johnny. He’s been way too quiet.  I expect Otunga to try and balance that out so that Johnny can screw Punk, which he will, just not enough. Taking it home, Johnny’s knocked out and Trips takes over as Dolph taps out to the Anaconda Vice.
WHY: Punk has been pinned by Dolph way too many times. The same way Punk’s less than impressive (for a Champ) record on RAW foreshadowed his successful title defense at TLC, so it shall be at the Rumble. Ziggler is one of few Championship material heels on Raw right now, but this is not his time (cue Jericho for Mania) and what spoils it is that Punk v Ziggler needs a strong angle. There’s no angle yet, so far it’s all “circumstancial”, so I expect it to drop post-Rumble. HHH owes Punk hugely after fucking up the most exciting angle in eons and with it, Punk’s first run with the WWE title.
Winner: CM Punk

Tolkienite Preidction:
Winner: CM Punk

MarkBilly Prediction:
Reckon Punk will win, I’d like JL to fast count Ziggler then say he did it so Punk could lose title at biggest event of year (Mania) However I doubt that will happen, I expect the classic 1, 2 (wait half an hour) 3 count from the EVP & Interim GM of Raw. Winner: CM Punk

Team_Cole Prediction:
Well Honestly I think CM Punk will win Just for the fact Ziggler’s beaten punk 4 times this month. Winner : CM Punk

JayTheBrainMann Prediction:
I pick Ziggler with some interference from Johnny Ace. Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Team_Hellions Prediction:
I think its Ziggler’s time to be thrust into the spotlight.  Also, CM Punk chasing the title is more intriguing then Punk having the belt.  Side bet, Punk will have the belt back before WrestleMania and will enter the grandest stage of them all as the reigning WWE Champion. Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Badman410 Prediction:
Punk will win because WWE are not high up on ziggler enough to give him a title reign. Winner: CM Punk

Drustuart Prediction:
Contender for MOTY if they get to go 25-30. Big Johnny screwing over Punk will be stopped by Game. Punk to win but Ziggler will steal show. Winner: CM Punk

SolacesSock Prediction:
ziggler by screw job. possible restart with punk winning. Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Paradise_Lost12 Prediction:
Going with Punk on this one, I want to see Ziggler win, if I’m wrong on one match I’d be fine if it was this one. Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Jbibbsy Prediction:
Taking Ziggler over Punk for the title. Laurinitis gets knocked out, some1 interferes, another ref makes the 3ct. Punk an Ziggler continues. Winner: Dolph Ziggler

TheJurn Prediction:
Punk is going to win, there’s no use in letting Ziggler take this but he’ll have a strong showing nonetheless. Winner: CM Punk

RegalSays Prediction:
Winner: CM Punk

Right2PlayGod Prediction:
Deep in my heart I hope Punk wins, he hasn’t held the belt for long, only 2 months. I think that maybe John will end up screwing Dolph over in the end. Well at least I can still hope lol (although I do feel that Jericho could screw Punk out of the title to start a feud but I want hope not negatives lol) Winner: CM Punk

Winner: CM Punk

Vadersault Prediction:
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

MasterSolace Prediction:
I see Ziggler vs Foley at Mania, so it’s easy to say Punk will still be champion… Winner: CM Punk

RayLott2 Prediction:
Winner: CM Punk

Samalamalamalam Prediction:
Winner: CM Punk

HeelJAY Prediction:
Punk wins via Private jet. Winner: CM Punk


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