Royal Rumble Predictions Part 5: Eliminations

Elimination: The Most and How Many
Who will eliminate the most people and how many will he eliminate? This is the second tie-breaker.

SolaceWinter Prediction:

The Miz: 5

TheSupremeForce Prediction:
Sheamus: 7

BizarroDoom Prediction:
Randy Orton: 7

ZackZiggler Prediction:
The Miz: 5

OWA_Sephiroth Prediction:
Sheamus: 14

SirTweets_ALot Prediction:
Kane: 5

WWEThatsNotPG Prediction:
Randy Orton: 6

AIRFAHMI437 Prediction:
Kane: 15

JoeBewick Prediction:
Kane: 13

ValkyrieSmudge Prediction:
Brodus: 5

Shawn Decker Prediction:

JerrySorrentino Prediction:
Randy Orton: 4

BostonMadePunk Prediction:
Sheamus: 7

StephiOC815 Prediction:
Wade Barrett: 5

Insomnivic Prediction:
Sheamus: 6

WrestlingNoob Prediction:
Sheamus: 10

WWECapshuns Prediction:
Kane: 12

WWFE_Nostalgia Prediction:
Sheamus: 8

Tolkienite Prediction:
Sheamus: 8

MarkBilly Prediction:
The Miz: 6

Team_Cole Prediction:
Brodus Clay: 7

JayTheBrainMann Prediction:
Kane: 9

Team_Hellions Prediction:
Brodus Clay: 6

Badman410 Predictions:
Chris Jericho: 6

Drustuart Prediction:
Randy Orton: 4

SolacesSock Prediction:
Brodus Clay: 6

Paradise_Lost12 Prediction:
Sheamus: 5

Jbibbsy Prediction:
Sheamus: 11

TheJurn Prediction:
Sheamus: 8

RegalSays Prediction:
Kane: 6

Right2PlayGod Prediction:
Brodus Clay: 7

WWEBradWard Prediction:
Orton: 8

Vadersault Prediction:
Brodus Clay: 9

MasterSolace Prediction:
Sheamus/Wade: 5

RayLott2 Prediction:
Orton: 15

Samalamalamalam Prediction:
Kane: 6

HeelJAY Prediction:
Foley: 5


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