Royal Rumble Predictions Part 3: Daniel Bryan vs. Mark Henry vs. Big Show

Daniel Bryan vs. Mark Henry vs. Big Show

SolaceWinter Prediction:
I’ll actually be really angry if Daniel Bryan wins this with Mark Henry and Big Show in the ring against him. Not just because I don’t like Bryan, but there is no way two huge guys should just be like, “Oh, he’s nothing to worry about,” pummel each other, fall down, and then Bryan gets a pin. NO! But, somehow, it will be. Winner: Daniel Bryan

TheSupremeForce Prediction:
Bryan’s going to win via another one of his slime ball heel methods. Don’t know how well it’s going to work with Henry being injured but – Winner: Daniel Bryan

BizarroDoom Prediction:
I have been nothing but entertained by all three of these guys. Henry has made me a believer, Show has stepped it up, and Bryan has been delivering the best promos in the business and pulling great matches out of two guys who rarely -if ever- have great matches. I think WWE will keep Bryan’s momentum going, using the cafe as a way for him to get a believable win. Looking forward to this! Winner: Daniel Bryan

ZackZiggler Prediction:
So hard to call… DBryan nor Henry are VIP for Axxess… ugh… Gonna stick with DBryan though.. Winner: Daniel Bryan

OWA_Sephiroth Prediction:
The 3-Way is a means to protect Bryan against the two monsters so he can snake away in a heelish manner. WINNER: Daniel Bryan

SirTweets_ALot Prediction:
I couldn’t care less about this match. For the sake of competition, I think Mark Henry. He shouldn’t have dropped the belt in the first place, but he pulled his big black man dick muscle or something. Winner: Mark Henry

WWEThatsNotPG Prediction:
MAH BOY D BRYYYYY Winner: Daniel Bryan

AIRFAHMI437 Prediction:
Match ends in a no contest Big Show and Henry break one of the cage walls and the referee deems the match un-continuable. Bryan retains. Winner: No one

JoeBewick Prediction:
Bryan’s reign will continue to at least Elimination Chamber, but he won’t win this cleanly to continue the heel turn. Winner: Daniel Bryan

ValkyrieSmudge Prediction:
I think Bryan is keeping the belt. Lots of big men moments and he’ll sneak out somehow. Winner: Daniel Bryan

Shawn Decker Prediction:
The big guys are too hobbled to take a strap into WrestleMania. And Daniel Bryan is winning me over with his new attitude. I’m not in love with the guy- yet- but I do have a great admiration for what he is doing right now.
Winner: Daniel Bryan

JerrySorrentino Prediction:
Daniel Bryan fucks with both of their heads and ends up winning and turning full fledge heel J Winner: Daniel Bryan

BostonMadePunk Prediction:
D-Bryan is going to win. I’m loving the cowardly Bryan so far. He’s not gonna drop the belt to either men. He’ll probably drop it the belt at the next PPV to someone new. Winner: Daniel Bryan

StephiOC815 Prediction:
Don’t have too much of an idea what will happen but would love to see D Bry retain. Winner: Daniel Bryan

Insomnivic Prediction:
D,B will win after Big show takes Henry out with the K.O punch, and goes to walk out the cage, but before he can A.J will show up, and the sight of her will freeze him, and he will say he is sorry, but while he is saying that D.B will either climb out the cage, or pin Henry and will leave with A.J and they will both laugh Shaq will be there too, and he will be loling, and this will lead to a show down between the two. Winner: Daniel Bryan

WrestlingNoob Prediction:
D-Bry Def Show/Henry Show and Henry will be fighting and Bryan will take the heel way out and climb out the cage before Henry or Show notices. Winner: Daniel Bryan

WWECapshuns Prediction:
D-Bry retains, most likely after climbing out of the cage like a scalded monkey. Winner: Daniel Bryan

WWFE_Nostalgia Prediction:
WHAT: Daniel-san over Big Show and Mark Henry) at around 10 minutes.
HOW: After what will be the hardest night’s work in DBD’s (at least WWE) career in oh so many ways, He escapes the cage, with not too much input in the mutual destruction of Show and Henry.
WHY: It’s going to continue, this threeway (#NoJoMo). Show and Henry will still be calling Daniel-san a chickenshit for escaping the cage instead of pinning someone. Bah.
Winner: Daniel Bryan

Tolkienite Prediction:
Winner: Daniel Bryan

MarkBilly Prediction:
Don’t see the point in giving the title to MH or BS. Plus I don’t want to see another ‘the fans cost me my title’ heel turn! Winner: Daniel Bryan

Team_Cole Predictions:
Only thing saving this match is the added D-Bry factor. He’s on a role right now and I dont see it ending here Winner: D-Bry

JayTheBrainMann Prediction:
I pick Daniel Bryan because aren’t both of them injured somewhat? Winner: Daniel Bryan

Team_Hellions Prediction:
Daniel keeps the title despite everything.  I’m going to guess AJ runs down and hands him a key or a crowbar or some sort of weapon.  Bryan’s heel turn will be confirmed and completed at the end of this match. Winner: Daniel Bryan

Badman410 Prediction:
I think Henry will win it as WWE are not high up on Byran and it would create a perfect Feud for undertaker to be in at WM. Winner: Mark Henry

Drustuart Prediction:
Show & Henry destroy Bryan but both stop each others attemps to win. Whilst they brawl Bryan cowardly sneaks out of cage door to retain. Winner: Daniel Bryan

SolacesSock Prediction:
daniel bryan, but only because he escapes after the other 2 destroy each other. Winner: Daniel Bryan

Paradise_Lost12 Prediction:
I see this going in Bryan’s favor, no doubt getting out of the cage. Though, I can see Show putting him through the cage. Winner: Daniel Bryan

Jbibbsy Prediction:
Daniel Bryan retains unless there is a surprise replacement for Henry. If not then maybe some sneakiness from Bryan like hiding the key so the big guys have to climb out. Or tear the cage apart. Winner: Daniel Bryan

TheJurn Prediction:
This is probably the toughest one to predict, but I’m going to go with Bryan with this one because I don’t see the others going anywhere. Winner: Daniel Bryan

RegalSays Prediction:
Daniel Bryan

Right2PlayGod Prediction:
I think that his rein as heavyweight champion is far from over. His heel turn is also far from complete. I believe that the two giants’ feud against each other will take over and they might give Bryan a chance to escape the cage. Also with Henry apparently injured, it counts him out of winning. Winner: Daniel Bryan

WWEBradWard Prediction:
Winner: Daniel Bryan

Vadersault Prediction:
Winner: Daniel Bryan

MasterSolace Prediction:
I could see a match spot where Show & Henry crash through the cage, but lay on the cage panel… D-Bry crawling out the opening Winner: D-Bry

RayLott2 Prediction:
Winner: Big Show

Samalamalamalam Prediction:
Winner: Daniel Bryan

HeelJAY Prediction:
D Bry via cowardly heel antics and not being severely overweight. Winner: Daniel Bryan


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