Royal Rumble Predictions Part 2: John Cena vs. Kane

John Cena vs. Kane

SolaceWinter Prediction:
There is no way they are going to simply bury Kane after he just returned looking this strong, at least if they know what is good for them. But, Cena is their poster-child, so he can’t look bad either. I’m predicting Kane, though, as final winner. Winner: Kane

TheSupremeForce Prediction:
There are just more ways I can see Cena winning this. Winner: Cena

BizarroDoom Prediction:
My gut says some sort of no-contest. But Cena can’t win. Not yet. Kane will be in the Rumble, too, and that appearance would fall flat f he’d been trashed by Cena, an hour before. Angry Cena goes overboard, getting himself disqualified and further embracing the hate. So, Kane wins or a no-contest. I’ll say . . . Winner: Kane

ZackZiggler Prediction:
Why Not, we are are really gonna go out on a limb for this one… we are going with Taker returning to stop Kane… We must be crazy.. This match will end in a no contest.. Winner: No one

OWA_Sephiroth Prediction:
There are a few ways they can do it, but it’s obvious this storyline is catered specifically for Cena to get more aggressive. WINNER: Kane

SirTweets_ALot Prediction:
I think it’s time to see Cena unleash some aggression that we’ve never seen before. I think that Cena kicks Kane’s ass, but gets DQ’d. Winner: Kane

WWEThatsNotPG Prediction:
Kane, putting Cena out, making him (storyline) unlikely for Rock/Cena at WM, and bringing him back heel at WM strong. Winner: Kane

AIRFAHMI437 Prediction:
Kane wins because Cena doesn’t listen to the refs orders and Cena just goes crazy, embracing the hate. Ref rings the bell. Winner: Kane

JoeBewick Prediction:
It’s looking like Cena vs Kane at WM, so Cena won’t win at the Royal Rumble. It either won’t be clean or it’ll be a squash. Winner: Kane

ValkyrieSmudge Prediction:
Difficult! Going with Cena, just because I don’t think there’s much room for a rematch assuming one or both are in EC. Winner: Cena

Shawn Decker Prediction:
There’s no way Cena loses a PPV going into WrestleMania. I’d love to see them recreate the Honky Tonk Man’s epic Intercontinental Title loss to the Ultimate Warrior here, move for move. Cena channels his hate into a squash for the ages!
Winner: Cena

JerrySorrentino Prediction:
They need to shake it up! Cena Kane will have a shit ending. Either a double count out or Cena. Winner: No Contest

BostonMadePunk Prediction:
I like how Kane’s back to the mask. But John Cena’s gonna win. He needs to win this. Unless it becomes a no contest. Winner: John Cena

StephiOC815 Prediction:
Think Cena will continue to “Embrace the hate” and give Kane a run for his money. Not happy to say it but Winner: Cena

Insomnivic Prediction:
this match has cena win written all over it, I could see him winning by the following ways, STFU, or Zack Ryder helps him win setting up a Ryder vs kane feud, but I think cena will win clean, because they want him to look strong vs the rock. Winner: John Cena

WrestlingNoob Prediction:
Kane def Cena Not 100% sure how this will go end, but some point in the match, Cena will turn heel. Since Ryder got destroyed, I have no idea how it will end. Winner: Kane

WWECapshuns Prediction:
Cena wins when he totally loses his shit and becomes Eebil Cena just in time for WM. Winner: John Cena

WWFE_Nostalgia Prediction:
WHAT: Kane over Cena by DQ (or no contest) at around 30 minutes.
HOW: Who else has been awfully quiet? That’s right, The Undertaker (#ShortRoadToWrestlemania). I expect this match to not be great in itself, but still exciting for the sadism-for-Cena factor. It’s gonna drag on and on and fuckin’ on until Undi’s bells are heard. Undi takes out Kane, then Cena, so as to restore order and clean up the ring for the real main event.
WHY: Cena is not turning heel, not now nor ever. Merch figures talk, shitty angle ideas walk. Cena is just being used to put over the inevitable Undi vs Kane match at Mania. That’s all he’s been doing in the last year or so: putting people (Punk, ADR, Ryder, to name just three) over. I expect him to lose cleanly and sportingly to Rocky at Mania and then take time off.
Winner: Kane

Tolkienite Prediction:
Winner: No Contest

MarkBilly Prediction:
This is the last PPV chance to get Cena a win over Kane (he’ll be in the Raw EC) so I reckon Cena will take the win. Winner: John Cena

Team_Cole Prediction:
I *want* Kane to win but lets face it. This is going to be a vintage Cena match…. *Super Cena* that is. Winner : John Cena

JayTheBrainMann Prediction:
Either Cena will embrace the hate or suffer for it. I go with Kane. Winner: Kane

Team_Hellions Prediction:
Kane will win by DQ.  I see Cena going ape shit in this match.  He will finally embrace the hate.  Maybe there will be a new t-shirt with that phrase on it.  So far there are no stipulations on the match.  I’m thinking Cena will try to wrestle a regular match but Kane will push him over the edge.  Cena will start bashing the Big Red Machine with chairs or the Spanish Announce Table of something. Winner: Kane

Badman410 Prediction:
Cena to win because WWE love cena and can’t have Kane beat him after weeks of cena getting battered by him! Winner: John Cena

Drustuart Prediction:
They will beat hell out of each other, Kane gets DQ’d. Rock to make save but Cena to turn on him & embrace hate (no idea why Rock is there!) Winner: John Cena

SolacesSock Prediction:
super cena, unfortunately will win. Winner: Su- John Cena

Paradise_Lost12 Prediction:
I’m going to go with the more unlikely option, and go with Kane. I don’t think this feud is over, and we’ll see this again. Winner: Kane

Jbibbsy Prediction:
Cena comes right at Kane, they fight to the outside tables all the way to the stage or back. They take each other out completely. Winner: No Contest

TheJurn Prediction:
Cena wins lol. Winner: John Cena

RegalSays Prediction:
Winner: John Cena

Right2PlayGod Prediction:
I think to fully embrace the hate Cena has to lose. But there will be some odd twist to this match, much like other matches where Cena just walks away because his friend is in trouble. Or Cena is so mad at Kane that he goes insane and gets DQed, but all Kane can do it laugh because in the end it would mean Kane made him embrace hate and also Kane is unstoppable, Cena couldn’t beat him down. Winner: Kane

WWEBradWard Prediction:
Winner: John Cena

Vadersault Prediction:
Winner: Kane

master solace Prediction:
Cena said he would be champion at Mania, but instead, I think they have booked Cena in losing streak going in… Kane getting buried his first PPV back sounds stupid… So winner: Kane

RayLott2 Prediction:
Winner: Kane

Samalamalamalam Prediction:
Winner: Kane

HeelJAY Prediction:
via embracing of hate, fate and spirit of Nate Dogg Winner: No Contest

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