Top Four of FCW 1/22/2012

FCW. The show that has the most entertainment value in a week. This episode hops right into the action and leaves little room for else. Byron Saxton is still on commentating with Chris Russo, or, Christopher Patrick Russo. There were only four matches to this episode and each one deserves its own little highlight.

4. Jason Jordan

Okay, so I did not make this one the match. I am not a fan of Abraham Washington. I have been tarnished since his days back in ECW. Where he is not an awful wrestler this is the man who hosted his own show while on ECW, every week mind you, and still has not grown with his mic skills. He faces off with the relatively new man on TV, Jason Jordan, who hails from Chicago, Illinois. My bias once again works in because as a girl who was uprooted from Chicago I love throwbacks to my home. That is not the only reason Jordan receives a nod, though. He is yet unpolished but has a certain determination that will prove later on he is someone to keep your eye on.

3. Raquel Diaz vs. Audrey Marie for the Divas Championship Title

I really struggled with putting Raquel Diaz at number three. She put on such an awesome display that not only earned her the Divas Championship Title but gave her an opportunity to show off her Gory Bomb that she should be higher on the list because of these two things. Alas, I wanted to stick with matches as much as I could and Audrey Marie just is not up to par on performances. Though I may not think Audrey Marie is as bad as say, my companions who watch FCW. In fact, I might put Audrey Marie at least in third on FCW. Raquel, though, is spectacular. She might yet not be perfectly polished but she still would have the majority of the WWE diva roster beat with her talent and mic skills. There is a reason she not only is the new Divas Champion of FCW, but also the Queen.

2. Grand Royale

The show starts off with Maxine and Normal Smiley announcing a Grand Royale, only the third in FCW history. For me, this was the first. A Grand Royale is where all of the men of the FCW roster (Eli Cottonwood sighting!) step back around the ring and have 30 seconds to get into the ring. At the end of the 30 seconds whoever is left standing in the ring gets to compete. Whoever was the winner of this particular match competed in the main event against Leo Kruger for the FCW Heavyweight Championship. The thirty second scramble was great and should be done more, but not too often! I will not give too many details because I really want people to watch this match, but I must reveal the winner:

1. Mike Dalton vs. Leo Kruger for the FCW Heavyweight Championship

When we first saw Mike Dalton, my boyfriend commented, “He’s the FCW jobber.” It quickly changed and he was winning matches. Then somehow had the best pants amongst them all. Then he was competing for the Title against Leo Kruger? Well, if that ain’t a bitch of a twist. And I loved it! Leo Kruger inevitably won but I could not look away from the screen during this. I always remind everyone when it comes to moves I know no names and do not pretend to understand every strike, but I know what looks good and what does not, and this match was flawless. So Flawless that Lay-Cool would have endorsed it. Dalton is not ready to be Champ yet, but his time may be coming. When it’s not against Kruger, I might even root for him.

Normally I would tell you the bad things about FCW at this point, but I pretty much explained those during the appraisal of the others. Instead I am going to whine about one, little, teeny, tiny thing that is bothering me. I WANT MY ASCENSION BACK!! GIVE ME ASCENSION!!

See, that wasn’t so bad.


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