Top 4 Reasons to Love Scott Stanford

I have been talking about doing something like this for weeks, where I will showcase a certain talent and give the top four reasons you as a lover of WWE should keep up with this person. I honestly was going to try to steer clear of my complete obsession and go with a wrestler, but, let’s face it, if it was not for Scott I would not even have a blog. He is the reason I continue to love Superstars, even as it slowly trickles into obscurity. While my list of reasons Scott is wonderful could become ridiculously long, and I could even start naming body parts as reasons (perverts, I mean his hands, he expresses himself using his hands often!) I am going to keep this simple.

4. He’s Handsome

Oh, it had to make the list, do not give me that look. Women know that a man with graying hair and smooth skin is sexy. Men age wonderfully, especially if they themselves did not take up a sports career for a living. Here is a man who has aged well and looks good no matter what angle or moment you catch him in. While most of my readers are going to be guys, and are gagging at this love of Scott’s face, his smile brightens up that camera. The twinkle in his eyes makes the audience believe when he says, “This is your pal, Scott Stanford,” that he’s genuine.

3. The Voice

Never have I loved listening to a New York accent more. Okay, so he pronounces it, “Dalph” and is a little harder on certain letters than the English Major in me wants to hear, but he articulates and smoothly works his way through every paragraph, sentence, and word. He has a voice made for radio and voice overs and it was an apt career choice for him. When he is speaking there is no mistaking whose voice you are listening to while some of the other commentators can be lost in the shuffle as they say generic lines meant for anyone. Which leads to:

2. Enthusiasm

Name a commentator out there who can sound excited that Alex Riley is coming out to the ring on Superstars for what seems like the 12th week in a row. He has seen the match before and still he sounds excited to see the superstar and maintains that level of enthusiasm throughout the match. Scott never loses his interest in the supserstars, which brings us further to:

1. Putting Over the Talent

In his enthusiastic way, Scott will put over every single person who walks into that ring. Whether they be a face or heel, whether they be good or awful, Scott believes in them and has a story behind why they are in that ring. The writers of WWE may forget that this is a sports entertainment show, which means it is mostly soap opera and people watch for a storyline, but Scott never forgets it. He reminds us every week that every man and woman and character has a reason to be there, to fight for your entertainment. There is only one other commentator currently that puts over talent no matter who it is, though he would do it in a more heel-style. Two men out of many, and only one man does it the way Scott does.

Yes, my top four things did not even brush upon his humor and creativity, all things you can witness on Zack Ryder’s internet show. I ignored mentioning the amount of work he puts in every week to make sure he does have an entertaining slew of things to tell you. I even forgot all about him being the only one that still wears a suit and tie and looks immaculate though you see him for about fifteen seconds a week. No, there are many things about Scott that makes him the man to keep your eye on, I just do not have enough space to mention every reason!


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  1. Stephanie Carlson

    I love him too. It’s because he really is a professional, he takes he job seriously. But, he also has that great sense of humor that’s just right, not too over the top. And yes, he is a handsome devil. 😀

  2. He is phenomenal on Zack Ryder’s YouTube Show.

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