Top Four of FCW 1/15/12

The new year has not particularly meant new things for FCW. This does not necessarily mean the show has been bad but after this episode perhaps they need to refocus their energies. The match between Xavier Woods and Antonio Cesaro was sloppy and slow paced, and not just because of Woods. Cesaro may be a darling, but he made several missteps during this match that made it tedious instead of entertaining. Caylee Turner and Audrey Marie faced off in an unspectacular match that makes me wonder what exactly the FCW trainers are teaching the divas.

But those are two bad things compared to many good things.

4. Maxine and James Bronson

Maxine is laid out on a couch and telling her therapist, which seems to be James Bronson, how stressed out she is. Between being general manager of FCW, working on NXT, and her relationship woes with Derrick Bateman and Johnny Curtis, she has a lot on her plate. Bronson plays the perfect therapist, completely understanding. During it all you can not help but wonder when the other shoe is going to drop. It does when Maxine forgets her purse when she leaves. Bronson grabs her purse and all I can think is he was only doing this therapy session so that he could turn on her. When she comes back for her purse she catches Bronson with her lipstick and a compact. Maxine takes this surprisingly well and just leaves him with her lipstick. At first my reaction was a bit bewildered, but the more I thought about it the more I was impressed. The storyline did not take the twist I was expecting and for that I’m always grateful.

3. Jinder Mahal vs. Seth Rollins

With the new year some of the old talent is removed from the FCW roster and they are given a sort of farewell match. Mahal is no longer listed as an FCW talent on the webpage (incorrectly quoted as being in the show, it is Mahal and Rollins know how to put on a good match. Many of you may be looking at me in confusion. Really? Jinder Mahal? Yes, Jinder Mahal. He and Rollins make this match look fluid and I found my eyes glued to the screen. I have wavered on Mahal many times but I can not deny he has become a solid wrestler since his earlier botching when with Khali on WWE television.

2. Hunico & Epico vs. Brad Maddox & Briley Pierce

Hunico and Epico are another two that have been removed from the FCW page and are now a part of the WWE Roster. The main event tonight showcases them on their farewell and even gives Briley Pierce the win. When I first saw Pierce I could not believe this was Dolph Ziggler’s little brother. This man was a joke, not to be taken seriously on the mic or in the ring. My opinion quickly changed over the last few months and he and Maddox have amazing chemistry together. It is also a great pairing because Pierce seems to be a baby-face while Maddox is a heel. Pierce talks big but looks small and still comes out powerful. Hunico and Epico give a great showing but Maddox and Pierce prove to just be too much for them this round.

1. Raquel Diaz

For those not in the know of things this is the daughter of Eddie and Vickie Guerrero. She does not wrestle this show but she gives a taunting promo of herself being queen of FCW and that Audrey Marie had better watch out for she is coming for that title next. Raquel Diaz is a beautiful mix of Eddie and Vickie and proves that the divas division does not have to be based completely on beauty, even if she has it. She is confident on a microphone and in the ring, and this promo will give the audience confidence back in the divas.

An honorable mention does go to Byron Saxton. He has been great on commentary, “I ran out of gas in my vehicle and I asked Audrey Marie to help me out and do you know what she told me? To take the bus!” Saxton has the voice to go further in that capacity. I am hoping when he returns to the ring he will be a more polished wrestler because this is a man I could stand behind in rooting for.

Now that you know the best, and the worst, of FCW this week, don’t you think it’s about time you watched it?


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