Solace Rant on Superstars 12/1/11

I could write this blog about the top four this week on Superstars. (4. Ted Dibiase vs. Heath Slater 3. Santino vs. the So-Fly JTG 2. Primo winning cleanly over Kofi 1. Scott Stanford on commentary) I could. But this week, I’m not going to.

This week I’m going to do what I do best, which is rant. I’m going to rant about you, the fans, and rant about the WWE. This episode of Superstars was not the same matches we had seen of late and while possibly for the most part still predictable it was worth watching.

I’ve heard every excuse as to why you aren’t watching Superstars. It’s pre-taped. It’s not as convenient to watch it online. It’s jobbers wrestling jobbers. It’s dull.

Here’s why you aren’t watching Superstars: there are no storylines. All of you people who claim “We want wrestling” are a bunch of liars. Okay, not completely. You want wrestling, it’s why you are watching WWE, but you don’t want more wrestling. When they give it to you all you do is complain. When they don’t give it to you, you complain. The reason you watch WWE is because it’s a soap opera where people turn to the ring to settle their differences.

Many of you are right now going, “That’s not right. You’re wrong,” and generally hating on me for telling you the truth. You’ll deny it on twitter, you’ll deny it to yourselves, but it’s the truth. You aren’t watching Superstars because there is no storyline. It doesn’t matter that Santino and JTG are typically the “jobbers”. These two put on a better match than most of the main eventers do. (I said most, not all, calm down) JTG can sell the cobra like it’s an instant acting poison and it’s hilarious and well done. None of you care. Why? There was no build up? Why the Hell are these two fighting anyway?

Scott Stanford does his best every week on Superstars to bring a storyline to the matches. This is why he’s the best commentator there is. He will give you a reason to want to watch these two feuding. But despite his giving us a reason to watch Superstars every week WWE takes it all away by giving us no resolution to the storylines that Scott gives us.

Which is why, ultimately, it’s the WWE’s fault the fans don’t know what they want. Perhaps they try to listen to the fans, “We want wrestling” they give it to us, we complain. They try to give us what we want, we complain. They don’t give us exactly what we said we want, we complain. The entire twitter obsession lately is doing the opposite of what they want. Fans are fickle and WWE is trying too hard to either give us what we want or to take it away because we don’t know what we want.

Write the damn story. Give us an interesting ride throughout and give us resolution. RESOLUTION. No one has forgotten about the Anonymous Raw GM. Stop acting like it never existed. Superstars has low ratings because there is no story. No matter how good Primo looks as he flips, flops, and glides through the ring no one will care if you treat him like he’s just a jobber finally receiving a chance to win… on Superstars of all places. Superstars isn’t even acknowledged on Raw or Smackdown. John Morrison was said to have not won a match in months, even though he had recently won a match on Superstars. Why didn’t that count?

We want plot with our wrestling. If we just wanted to watch two men beating up on one another we’d be more dedicated fans of UFC. A few extra minutes a week dedicated to twisting a plot on Superstars wouldn’t hurt anyone either way and it would make Scott seem like the effort he’s trying in building a story was worth it. It would give us more of a reason to tune in.

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  1. Very good (if not loud) rant, Sol. I found myself nodding throughout. Convinced me to watch superstars and just enjoy wrestling for wrestling, WWE stylee – I know, that’s not saying much.

    I have a passionate hatred for loose ends, dropped angles and such. It’s an insult to the audience’s intelligence. But we’re kinda used to that… or is it just me?


  2. Yes that was a rant…. People have no patience. They want all their favorites to win all the time. If they did, it would be boring. Ryder, we don’t foresee winning anything anytime soon, cuz once he does… he loses that mystique. People will have what they want, and not want it anymore. As long as he keeps trying and keeps moving forward… people will always support. Superstars is more or less the dark matches that warm up the audience for the live tapings… you can’t expect too much drama… going to a house show, you are lucky if you get much story/mic time anyways… We just wish that NXT would finish already… at least the ‘season’ that is going… its so damn stale. How many fucking times can someone watch titus/percy vs anyone… so much more to say.. but just a sampling.

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