NXT Top Four 11/30/11

This episode decided to not have William Regal on commentary, which was a sad, sad thing for me. William Regal is over in Japan currently fighting against Santino at house shows. Matt Striker and Josh Mathews take over commentary, and while Striker has been entertaining as host of NXT and backstage interviewer, as of late he is not the same Striker on commentary. However, Curt Hawkins joins them on commentary for one match which brings us right into number four this week.

4. Tyler Reks vs. Percy Watson with Curt Hawkins on commentary

I will admit the match itself was not as interesting as it should have been. Tyler Reks is amazing in the ring but Watson looked sloppy. Watson is the lesser of two evils when it comes to the Titus O’Neil and Percy Watson team up. Percy is usually the better of the two and he did not show off those skills in the ring this episode. Despite that, it did not keep him from winning over Reks. To distract from the match in the ring is Curt Hawkins who someone ( @drustuart ) suggested would make a good manager. Upon thinking about it, this man has the look, the attitude, and the voice of a man who would make a good manager, or a great commentator. Sure, he’s not Scott Stanford on commentary but he has this smooth, calm voice that enraptures the audience. He could make watching grass grow interesting.

3. Yoshi Tatsu and Trent Barreta vs. Tyson Kidd and Johnny Curtis

Going into this match I was not sure which way they were going to go. I was sure that Barreta was going to be the one to get pinned if the team was losing or that Tatsu would get the pin on Curtis if they won. I was wrong. Johnny Curtis got the pin on Yoshi Tatsu. Johnny Curtis with a finisher that Hell if I know the name of, I can only say I was impressed watching him do it. This man that had become a joke that no one would take seriously because they did nothing with him on Smackdown besides let him lose one match actually is good in the ring. It helps that Tatsu, Barreta, and Kidd are three of the best in-ring guys to work with when trying to show off someone’s skills, but Curtis holds up on his own. Beautiful story-telling in the ring for a match that showed off some of the best that you aren’t watching.

2. Batemax Part 1

Maxine goes out to the ring to fight Alicia Fox. Striker and Mathews spend too much time making fun of her fashion sense in the beginning. Giggling during commentary is not professional boys. When Alicia Fox comes out I sat a bit stunned at first. This isn’t the usual divas match on NXT! What is also great is NXT is the one place I continually look forward to the divas matches. These women get a regular amount of time and put on a good show, and damn do these two women work well together. I’ve thought Maxine has looked good against AJ and Kaitlyn on NXT as of late but watching Maxine against someone who might be a little more seasoned than those two women and this could have easily been my favorite match of NXT this week. Derrick Bateman comes out with his mom (yes, his real mom, not some actress, and she’s a looker!) to applaud Maxine. He stands beside his fiancée the way he always wants her to stand by his side, but it distracts her. She loses due to the distraction and it’s impressive. They are pushing Maxine enough that there was a chance she would have won if not for the distraction!

1. Batemax Part 2

Did I mention that Derrick Bateman was on this show? With his real mom? Who is quite the lovely lady, and good at making Maxine feel not quite up to what the son deserves. Bateman treats his mom like gold while being his usual smug self, whipped by the gorgeous Maxine, and a superstar in the ring. His match tonight is against Titus O’Neil and Darren Young for a match on Smackdown. I was confused, wasn’t Bateman already signed to Smackdown? According to the commentators that match was a one time deal. Fine, but Bateman is still going to win. I had no fear, and I was right. Bateman won and then called for his beautiful fiancée to come out and join him. “Baby, we’re heading to Smackdown!” But Maxine doesn’t appear. Instead, Tamina and JTG come out. Tamina tries her best to be nice, “Maxine packed her things and…” JTG interrupts, informing Tamina not to sugarcoat it for him. “Derrick, your girl, your fiancée, your booboo, yo, she left with Curtis.”

Okay, so NXT has turned into the soap opera of the WWE, but you know what? Good! It’s storylines that continue from week to week. They have cliffhangers, and even get to a point where there is resolution. I’m excited every time I see Bateman and Maxine on my screen and they know how to tell a story. For those who continually insult JTG, he knows what he’s doing. He brings a smile to my face when he comes on and I giggle because he’s working a stereotype in a comedic fashion. Plus, he’s better in the ring than you give him credit for.

But, you still aren’t watching NXT. And for that I’m going to keep trying. Every week I’m going to tell you what you are missing, and it’s more than just Maxine’s curves and Derrick’s oiled chest… Okay, wait, what was I saying again? Every time I end an NXT blog I feel I need a mop, or at the very least, a beach towel.


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