Superstars Top Four for 11/24/11

Shortly after watching this week’s episode a friend yelled at me for his having “wasted” an hour on this show. It was the first time he had watched Superstars in a long time. Did I force him to try to watch during a bad show? No, this was actually a better put together show than some have been of late, though like NXT they are falling into a lack of variety in matches. No, he said the matches were of a type that could be described as, “The crowd goes mild.”

People want wrestling, but it’s been proven time and again they want a story to go with their matches. As certain commentators *coughScottStanfordcough* try to give us a background to the matches many others simply commentate a match or talk about what is coming up in the WWE. If people simply wanted to watch men beat up one another they would watch boxing, or better (or worse depending on whose point of view you are looking from) UFC.

This particular blog is not a complaint on what WWE is doing wrong, though. This is the top four reasons to watch Superstars, and I’m sorry they were not enough to keep my friend interested. Is he jaded? Possibly. A lot of people spend their nights complaining about RAW but will tune in next week. Superstars should be the show to tune in to watch out of enjoyment.

4. Jinder Mahal vs. Trent Barreta

Sure, as soon as I saw Barreta come out I knew he was going to lose. With a heavy sigh I sat back to watch the match. Jinder had been on fire for a few weeks on Smackdown before they realized something crucial about him: his wrestling skill was sloppy. It was not necessarily bad but if he continued the way he was going he was going to hurt someone, and like many wrestlers before him who allowed themselves to grow sloppy, it would not be himself but his opponent. A match with Barreta is almost a free pass to be free and try out new things as Barreta has more control than most of the main eventers. Calm down, I didn’t say he was better (is he?) just claimed he has more control. He flops and flips like a pro and Jinder needs someone like him to practice on. This match shows how far Mahal has come and showcases a man who needs to find something to do on one of the flagship shows.

3. Drew McIntyre vs. Ted Dibiase

The focus for Dibiase on this episode is the Dibiase Posse Parties that are held outside of the arena. Hundreds of people go to see the man before he enters, just generally hanging out. Dibiase’s song needs to change, for Dibiase did not work in the Million Dollar Son character. Dibiase is a good actor, he even proved his acting chops in the second best WWE movie to date (The Marine 2 which Scott Stanford makes mention of, no The Marine would not be the first best). Dibiase needs to find something he is more comfortable with, and the Posse Partier and outdoorsman that he is might be something more relatable. Tonight he fights the brilliant McIntyre, who has managed to win one fight on Superstars in months, and it was against Morrison two weeks ago. Tonight is not the night he wins again. I am sad, but it is interesting to see Dibiase growing and perhaps finding his niche.

2. The threat of Tyson Kidd kicking Josh Mathews in the face

Okay, so the threat was only said by Striker. “Tyson Kidd said to me a couple of weeks ago that he got upset with you and I. He said that we spent too much time talking about twitter and not enough time talking about Tyson Kidd’s match. He said that if we do that again this week he’s going to come over here and kick you in the face.” I have to admit when I saw Tyson Kidd step out for the night I groaned knowing a twitter conversation was coming. No matter where Kidd seems to be the conversation always leads to twitter. This man deserves more than twitter conversation when he’s on screen and tonight he had it. I do not know what the real reason is Striker and Mathews were told to lay off, maybe it was Kidd, but I thank the person, from the bottom of my heart.

1. Scott Stanford

The return of the list sees Scott Stanford at the return to the top! The man with the plan, the commentator with the stories. Tonight he’s feeling fresh, no redundancy in lines and his usual upbeat enthusiasm. While there are no stories to tell this time around for his two groupings he does give background on the men in the ring to keep the listener intrigued. He is a major part of the reason the Dibiase match was as entertaining as it was because his words put the Dibiase Posse Partier over more than anything else. While people shout “Dibiase” from their seats Scott will make sure you take note. You may not even realize he’s manipulated you into wanting to root for the man until it is too late. That is how good he is.

Tonight Mathews gets some respect for starting an odd conversation. He mentioned he was at the Dibiase Posse Tailgating Party and said,

“We roasted a turducken.”
So Scott could reply, “A turducken? I love those things!”
“Get’s so excited.”
“All three in one. What is that, a-”
“A duck, a chicken, and a turkey, right.”
“I’ll tell ya what, if I was a goose I’d feel left out.”


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