Top 4 FCW Moments on 11/20/11

FCW 11/20/11

FCW this week has Dusty Rhodes joining Matt Martlaro on commentary. Dusty Rhodes is a living legend but a good commentator he is not. Though I had to smile when Rhodes mentioned, “Steven Regal.” William Regal still has a plotline going on so he is out of commentary and tonight’s episode did not see him return to the ring, though we did see a return of Dean Ambrose. FCW continues to be the best WWE produced show. Highlights? Why here’s the top four of this episode!

4. Maxine and Aksana

Maxine, as general manager, seems to have an open door policy. She allows people to walk in and speak to her and seems to be patient, almost the opposite of her NXT character. However, no matter where Maxine is, she is a devious woman with something always up her sleeve. But, so is Aksana. Aksana comes in asking for the Steamboat/Harris match to be for the title and puts on a womanly pout. At the end of this discussion the two even hug, with similar looks on their faces behind the other’s back. Beautifully done. These women know how to give a promo.

3. Corey Graves vs. Leakee

Graves is accompanied by Leah West to the ring, which at first I thought Rhodes was saying Leo West and left me wondering if Kruger changed his name until I saw her. Graves was to face Leakee who I’ve quickly become a fan of. He has the look, he has the moves, I just do not know his promotional skills yet. That is all right, I am happy to watch this man in the ring. Graves puts on a good show and is more believable than I was expecting. I was expecting them to feed the man to Leakee, not let him have a good showing before he was finally pinned. WWE has done a good job programming me, and yet it’s so bad.

2. 6 Man Tag Match

Derrick Bateman may be upset with me for this one, but his match has to go to number two. This match is an excellent showing of talent and there is not one person who I do not think deserves a spot with the WWE. Dean Ambrose, Damien Sandow, and Antonio Cesaro are up against Seth Rollins, Johnny Curtis, and Derrick Bateman. While Derrick Bateman will outshine anyone, he has the most charisma and the best abs, this still is an entertaining match that showcases each man and touches more on the upcoming feud between Cesaro and Rollins. Why was this not the best?

1. Richie Steamboat vs. Husky Harris

A pinfall anywhere match. Or “Pretty much anywhere in the Tampa area!” as Martlaro would tell us. I was expecting a slow match, I do not think I have completely forgiven Harris for his first showing in NXT. He continues to try to prove me wrong about him and Harris and Steamboat put on a match that had me on the edge of my seat. The ending alone made this show worth watching because I want to know what happens next! How often does a wrestling show end and I continue to sit there and go, “Well? What happened?”

Lowlight? NO Ascension. At all. Not even a promo.

Another highlight of this episode was a very special happy birthday to a woman in the crowd. Since it was October, and her birthday, and breast cancer awareness month, they wish this breast-cancer a happy birthday that had her in tears. Now that is touching.


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