Can Darren Young Redeem NXT Redemption?

When Darren Young arrived on the scene over a year ago when the first season of NXT debuted I liked him. He seemed to be the naïve party guy to CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society. They had differences that went over Young’s head for the most part because he seemed like his IQ was a little below average. Honestly, I loved it. He was most interested in smiling and going out and having a good time than the biting barbs of a man like Punk or even his help he received from Gallows or the attention he gave to Serena.

He somewhat triumphantly returned with the entrance of Nexus. Enter a new attitude and a new era for the man who had only been off screen for a couple of weeks. Every since his days in Nexus, and his ultimate exile, and then his days of Superstars, my dislike for the man had begun to grow. Here was just another angry superstar with an agenda. At least as a naïve partier he had shown personality that differed from most of the men in that first season class. Now he was just one in a crowd of many. Many who did it better than him.

Fast forward through his career to his return to NXT Redemption. Redemption? The man, as he kept reminding us, was at Summer Slam 2010! What does he need Redemption for? Another reason for me to grumble at the show. That and the show seemed entirely ready to hand the season over to Titus O’Neil.

On the day the only rookie I liked was eliminated (Conor O’Brian) another rookie entered. Derrick Bateman. And did Derrick Bateman save this season of Redemption.

At least, for a while he did.

Unless you have been living under a rock you will know that a little over 30 days ago Darren Young was suspended for violating the Wellness Policy put in place by the WWE. When it happened I simply shrugged and said, “Well that will mean more Bateman.” What I did not think about was, “That will mean more Titus O’Neil.”

For weeks we were subjected to the same matches, which was usually Bateman against O’Neil. I was ready to start throwing things at the screen every time that dog bark sounded and Matt Striker announced he was making an impromptu match; Bateman and O’Neil.

There are many superstars who have shown their faces of late on NXT. Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks made their showing as a tag team and The Usos became a part of it. Does Bateman get to fight these men? Nope. Titus O’Neil and then a smattering of Percy Watson.

I was beginning to despise NXT. I have been the show’s biggest supporter as people were losing interest and now I am finding it harder and harder to want to pay attention (except when Bateman is being his wacky self, refusing to turn and look at Striker when he addresses him!).

During the show Chris and I actually sat down and complained about the lack of Darren Young. At least while he was on the show Bateman did not have to be the only one fighting O’Neil. These men should be showing their chops against pros, not just one another. After all how can we really compare their wrestling abilities if they are fighting the same man every week? How can they improve as wrestlers if there is no room to grow? Boredom makes the muscles and brain lazy.

Then a beacon of light shone down. That beacon of light, the return of Darren Young. I have never been so excited to see Darren Young in my life. This also might have renewed my faith in Young. Has he been a bad wrestler? Of course not. Is he bad on the mic? Actually, no. Given time to develop a character he feels comfortable with he could be excellent.

Maybe I have been a little hard on Young? If I could still be happy to see him then perhaps I was being too cynical.

Now I am looking forward to NXT next week! Don’t screw it up, WWE.


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  1. I thought NXT’s season was done. I watched an episode 5 weeks ago and they were down to 3 guys… heck down to 3 coaches too! Darren shouldn’t win just because he failed that policy and had to disappear for a month.

    Now I just went back to the site… yep same 3 guys are still there. Ha his pro was Chavo… but now its JTG I think. I’d think it will end up being Titus O’Neal not that I’ve seen this season, but he just seems to be the WWE’s mold of guy, but he seems to have too much ties to home and family in Florida, so they might leave him in FCW for that. Otherwise the guy with the fro has a great look.

    I support the idea of NXT as putting guys through the ringer so that way agents can assess their skills to determine if they need a manager (which the WWE wouldn’t do), if they’re destine to be a singles or a tag star. The one episode I did watch this season seemed more like Superstars where I only saw Darren. Titus was on 1 minute with divas backstage. And the fro guy wasn’t even on the episode.

    The show could get a lot better and more useful.

  2. It’s not like she said that Darren Young SHOULD win. She said that she was happy to see him because it (hopefully) means less time for Titus O’Seal and Percy Watson.
    She totally wants Bateman to win.

    What I don’t get is how you can evaluate the usefulness or quality of the show when you don’t watch it. Sure, the shows have gotten back to being repetitive (not that you’d know that), but that’s only been since Young got suspended. Prior to that, NXT had been consistently better than Raw for going on two months. The biggest problem at the moment is that Titus and Percy are featured too heavily. The more of a focus the show puts on them, the less I can stand them. They’re nauseating together when they speak, and (like Bateman said on the last show) Titus really does sound he has a stick of butter in his mouth when he speaks.

    For the record, none of the rookies really have pros anymore. Chavo’s out of the company. Bryan (Bateman’s pro) has been on about three episodes, and even Hornswoggle is gone.

    Recently, I’ve gone from hoping from that this season of NXT continues indefinitely (becoming more and more like its own shown, ala WWECW) to hoping they wrap it up soon just so I can stop watching the same matches take place between the same people (and hopefully get rid of Titus/Percy).

    This has still been, at worst, the second best season of NXT.

    • You’re right. I don’t watch it. I used to when it was easier and more convenient to me to watch 🙂 I watched it every week. I think its more use to the WWE to evaluate this fresh crop of talent. Not push the guys they already have. When I see Tatsu vs Jinder it makes me think Superstars, because Jinder is not a coach.

      But now that you’ve explained no one really has a pro makes sense in a way since so many pros have been released.

      I wonder if they’ll put Andy Lavigne in an upcoming season of NXT.

      Maybe this will divert from the subject, but I think the WWE could do a lot with 2 NXT seasons a year of 8 rookies, 8 pros (who are smart enough to improve the rookies behind the scenes) and 10 week seasons. That’s plenty of time to evaluate workers, then if they work out, graduate them to Superstars (and WWE can release some low end pros). If they don’t then its back to FCW. Instead of eliminating guys. If they need one NXT season winner. They can have a points system with weekly competitions. The pros should be people smart enough to help them on promos or charisma, or psychology, or coming up with a better finisher. Maybe that’s how its done already and I’m just in the dark.

      Out of curiousity what was your first best season? For me it was the first season. The second season guys seemed a little implausable to fit in with the WWE.

    • I just looked up more info on NXT. OMG its been 37 weeks so far into the season? Way too long. Now I understand a lot better.

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