FCW 11/13/11

FCW continues to be the show to watch. Faces tap out to submissions, the matches dominate the show, but you are never left out with story that carries on from week to week. There are still some downsides to FCW, Briley Pierce continues to manage to be the least interesting man on the show and Matt Martlaro as a commentator makes my ears want to bleed. Luckily this week Byron Saxton returned to put on a good show on commentating. Byron Saxton has the voice and the ability.

4. Husky Harris vs. Leo Kruger vs. Richie Steamboat

This matches end was predictable in that you knew who was going to win. Despite that the three of them actually put on a good show. If you read this regularly you know that I am not a fan of Husky Harris. This week’s episode was by far my favorite performance from him I’ve seen since his debut on NXT (since I did not see his debut on FCW). Harris finally lived up to what the commentators are always saying about him and it was good to see. It did not win me over completely, I’m still not a fan, but I can say he helped make this match an incredible showing. Leo Kruger and Richie Steamboat are incredible in the ring as well. Steamboat still seems awkward on the microphone but all of that can be forgotten while he’s moving in the ring while Kruger is ace all around.

3. Seth Rollins vs. Damien Sandow

This rematch so Rollins can regain his Jack Brisco 15 Minute Championship was so well timed I’m not sure if one of the bigger shows could have pulled it off. Rollins is attacked before ever getting into the ring by Antonio Cesaro and Rollins still goes into the ring and fights with a sore ankle. Rollins sells. Wonderfully. Rollins wins the first pinfall, Sandow the second with a submission. There are three seconds left on the clock, Rollins has Sandow down, 3, 2, Wu… The question becomes did the three count happen before or after the bell for the challenge to end? Once it comes to that it’s obvious how the story is going to end but it’s still an exciting moment as you hold your breath to figure out if Rollins regained his title or if Sandow retained. At the end of this Cesaro takes a mic and tells Rollins he is after him and once he finishes with him he’s gone. Foreshadowing for when Cesaro will be brought up to the main roster?

2. Aksana

Aksana is in a tag team match with Caylee Turner against Cameron Lynn and the FCW Divas Champion Audrey Marie. Aksana is the current Queen of FCW, which seems like a more fun title for women since she walks around with a crown on her head. This entire match shocks me because Cameron Lynn does not come out wearing the thick blonde wig or acting like a general idiot. It’s a quick realization she is a pretty lady and has good moves. But this match is a showcase of Queen against Divas Champ and the Queen proves that she’s worthy. Aksana is brutal in the ring while still looking like a sensual being. She has a dark Goth look that works well for her and between these four women they show what a divas match could or should be. The reason Aksana is really the only one who gets the mention instead of the whole group is she outshone them all. This match was an Aksana showcase as it well should have been. She’s beautiful and good. She is no longer the blonde woman hoping to win NXT with Goldust’s help.

1. Ascension

No one who reads my blogs will be surprised I chose Ascension. I am slightly obsessed with this group, and for good reason. Ascension starts off this particular FCW with a threeway match of the male members of Ascension (Conor O’Brian, Tito Colon, and Kenneth Cameron) versus Mike Dalton, Jason Jordan, and Colin Cassady. From the moment they enter Ascension is a dessert for the senses. They are well choreographed and have the look down perfectly. While they fight their sad opponents Raquel Diaz stands to the side, once again with a mic hidden under her hair so you can hear the way she commands these three men. When Raquel tells them, “NOW!” they do what needs to be done that instance. Her maniacal laughter and delight at watching her men destroy their opponents adds to the general ill at ease feeling that is meant to be felt when Ascension steps out.


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