FCW 11/6/11

This week was heavy on the matches and light on the Ascension (as in not even a promo!). With five matches and the ability to stand out amongst the crowd I am glad to announce I can return the top four reason to watch for FCW this week.

4. Byron Saxton

Byron Saxton was the commentator for the evening as William Regal was preparing for his match against Dean Ambrose. At first I inwardly groaned because this is the man who leads Naomi and Cameron Lynn around and these two women are the most obnoxious thing I’ve seen on FCW. They might beat out divas I dislike in the WWE for annoyance they are that bad. Byron had commentating down solid and when Matt Matlaro stopped to take a breath what Saxton interjected was always succinctly put. Even if it was just him saying to Regal, “You’re evil! You’re evil!” It may sound like a childish taunt and still it somehow worked on Saxton. A certain someone pointed out to me that Saxton was the opposite of Regal on the mic. While Regal is a face announcer with heel tendencies Saxton is the heel announcer who has the excitement of a face. This described the feeling perfectly.

3. Brad Maddox

Brad Maddox was set to fight Percy Watson and Titus O’Neil and needed a partner. As Briley Pierce sat idly by with his microphone and dressed in his suit Maddox called him out and told him he would be the partner. Honestly, the match itself was uninteresting as I tend to get a glazed over look when Watson and O’Neil are anywhere close by and Maddox and Pierce have yet to really impress me in the ring. However, Maddox’s taunts of Pierce telling him he didn’t have time to change and that he was serious about him being his partner were fun. Maddox does have the personality he just is not quite there with the talent. Yet.

2. Dean Ambrose

This man has taken crazy to a new level. In an era when crazy is growing on us he mixes Orton, Rhodes, and guest from an asylum perfectly. He twitches, he snorts, and he generally looks like he’s enjoying himself with a crazed smile, even as he is being destroyed by his opponent. I am not quite sure what it is that he is still lacking but watching him it is something. Perhaps I think he could take this character even further. Of course having Ambrose at number two can lead me right into number one.

1. William Regal

This man is charismatic. That in itself shines every time he steps in the ring. The FCW fans are always lively but when Regal stepped out the chants were the most audible part of the night. Regal is up to his usual tricks in this match when he has Ambrose in a corner and is facing the ref while kicking Ambrose. Regal does not stop there. He actually slips Ambrose’s arm into the turnbuckle and tightens it around his arm. The ref has to help Ambrose escape, all the while Regal stands back and watches with his usual, “What?” look. If this was on of the WWE shows they would have disqualified Regal and had no ending to this match, however FCW is all about finishing as many matches as they can. Which only leads Ambrose to even more abuse by Regal so that Regal can win this main event. Regal is a brilliant man in and out of the ring and it’s good to see him used.

I would just like to end this blog with one simple question: “What do you mean there was no Ascension?” Not to worry, I hear they return next week!


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