4 Reasons to Watch FCW 10/30/11

This episode of FCW is brought to you by Ascension with a smattering of Ambrose.

4. Damien Sandow vs. Seth Rollins

This battle is for the Jack Briscoe Fifteen Minute Championship. Really easy to figure out. Whoever has the most pinfalls or submissions at the end of the fifteen minutes wins the title. Seth Rollins was the first champion and has held it for ten months straight. This was the first time I had the pleasure of seeing Rollins wrestle on FCW and sadly he loses, though it is by no fault of his own. In fact, it is reason number 3.

3. Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose does creepy like no one before him. He’s greasy, he wears dirty clothing, and you have to wonder if he would pass a wellness test. His first appearance of the night is during the battle between Sandow and Rollins. He interferes and costs Rollins the Championship. His next appearance leads to the storyline between number 2.

2. William Regal

In case you have no actually been paying attention a few weeks ago there was a match between William Regal and Dean Ambrose. Finally on television is the build up. First Regal is called away without reason, and replaced with Eden Stiles on commentary. Then during the match between Husky Harris and Richie Steamboat he comes running out with general manager Maxine to break up the fight that has erupted between the two after Harris knocks down a referee. When Maxine is knocked down Regal goes to check on her and while the rest of the men who came out to pull Harris and Steamboat apart Ambrose stares at Regal with that crazed look he gets. Ambrose listens to his voices well and runs in to attack Regal. After the two separate Maxine gets her own crazed look on her face, one of pure malicious pleasure as she begins to hatch a plan.

1. Ascension

I loved the Ascension before I began watching FCW. Now that I can watch it every week I want to crawl through my television and touch these people. Five promos and one match. I should be bored with them. Instead I still have chills every time they appear on the screen. Their match this week is Conor O’Brian vs. Colin Cassady. The members of Ascension have such electricity and energy between the four of them that they bring the watcher’s attention from anything else simply to them. Conor is solid in the ring and the others make a great distraction. To continue with their characters they put Raquel Diaz on a mic that his mostly hidden by her hair so that you can hear every word she says to Conor, as these three men are meant to do what she tells them to do. This is the perfectly rounded group we should be seeing on Raw or Smackdown, but FCW has it and they alone are worth watching for.



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