Top 4 Reasons to Watch NXT 10/26/11

“Yeehaw we’re here in Texas baby, yeah.” Derrick Bateman opening up NXT for us this evening.

This week NXT picked itself back up from last week. It decided it was not going to do the same thing, entirely. While a few matches were familiar there was enough to keep the pace going that NXT found itself more entertaining than Raw.

As always, my top 4 reasons to watch NXT:

4. Lack of the Recap

Perhaps Raw understood the complaint. After showing Triple H being attacked by Kevin Nash when it happened then two recaps during the Monday night show perhaps the writers understood we did not need to see it again. Of course there was a Raw recap but I found myself celebrating that it was John Cena saying he chooses The Rock. And the spittle incident was cut as best they could. Less recap on NXT this week than usual. That earns it points.

3. Tyson Kidd, Curt Hawkins, Matt Striker

During the show Matt Striker hands to Hawkins a notice of suspension for one week, telling him not to worry about it since he was already injured and unable to work. Tyson tells Striker not to insult someone holding a cane. I love watching Striker in a more active role on NXT than the “Let me announce a few challenges,” role. Tyson Kidd has his chance to shine on NXT and proves it when he goes out to the ring to compete against Jey Uso. The Usos have a slightly tweaked entrance this week. They still give their chant but they have drum beats behind them and after they complete their chant a rap starts. It’s better than silence following them to the ring. I love Jey Uso but I found myself rooting for Tyson Kidd. This is further pushed by the fact that he had Curt Hawkins in his corner.

2. Kaitlyn, AJ, and Tamina

This NXT was too great and giving it four reasons was hard. So the girls are all together. Why? Because each one deserved her time to shine. Kaitlyn and AJ start off their scene talking to one another and Kaitlyn brags about how she is going to win against Tamina, who ends up standing right behind her. And old joke but it works so well for these women. Kaitlyn turns to Tamina and says, “You are surprisingly stealthy for such a… tall person!” Kaitlyn and Tamina proceed to put on a solid match that makes me wish Tamina would change her ring attire. She looks like she is dressed to go to a corporate luncheon without the suit jacket while Kaitlyn sports a new outfit that is her most flattering yet. I love both of these women and watching two powerful women wrestle, and well, makes me smile.

1. Derrick Bateman and Maxine

Derrick is consistently at the top of my list, for good reason. This week he has to be paired up with Maxine because there was so much good about NXT some had to be condensed. During Bateman’s match with Titus O’Neil, where Bateman wins thank heavens, Maxine and AJ proceed to do commentary. Jack Korpela grins like a school boy as he ogles Maxine and Maxine brushes it all off, though not unkindly, as she is a bit unkind to AJ. AJ is good on commentary, Maxine is great. Maxine gives barbs with little effort and looks incredible doing it.

While Derrick had some of the best lines of the night his best moment of the night came after his match when he had Maxine join him in the ring. He told her his love for her and then got down on one knee and asked Maxine to marry him. She proceeded to slap him, kiss him, then say yes. I was not sure if she was angry or wanted to cry or a little of both but it was the best moment in NXT history, better than Aksana and Goldust’s proposal and bomb of a marriage. I’m rooting for these two, in marriage, health, and career.

I always go with four, but an honorable mention goes to the beginning of the show.

“My by default best friend, JTG.” – Bateman about JTG “Next WD star!” – Bateman making fun of O’Neil and his inability to say “WWE”.

The show starts off with Derrick, JTG, and Maxine on one side and Percy Watson and Titus O’Neil on the other. I’m either a growing fan of JTG’s or I just really dislike Titus O’Neil and Percy Watson. Or a little of both. However Bateman and JTG seem to make a fun pairing that ended up becoming trapped in matches with these opposing men. Titus O’Neil needs to work on his mic skills and has to pander to the crowd to get pops by wearing pink bottoms and saying it was for the two women in his life he’s lost to breast cancer and for the women in the audience or watching who have also suffered. It’s a nice sentiment, but the poor man stumbles constantly over his words.

JTG and Bateman however shine with better mic skills, and then better skills in the ring. Sorry guys, even if JTG lost to Percy, he was the more entertaining of those two.


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