WWE Pre Shows

The half an hour before a WWE pay-per-view is Scott Stanford time for me. I swear I look more forward to those little segments of him than I do to the actual show that is coming up a half an hour later.

During this particular one it dawned on me why no one else was really watching this with me except other die-hard-Stanford-fans. It’s boring. No, not Stanford, and not Korpela when he makes an appearance. The show itself does the same thing that Superstars and NXT does, which I believe is part of the biggest reason these shows aren’t doing as well as they could: too many recaps.

What’s worse? Most of the recaps are of Raw. We saw those clips when we watched the show Monday night. We saw those clips when we die hard fans watched NXT. WE saw those clips when we watched Superstars. We saw a sedated part of those clips when we watched Smackdown. Now, just a week after Raw, we have a Pre Show that is riddled with the same clips, except now it is introduced by Scott Stanford.

Scott, who livens a room with his smile and does his best to make even the mundane interesting, is the most entertaining part of these shows. Only he can get away with lines like, “The cougar’s claw are about to come out… and so are my ears.”

What the Pre Show has done well as of late is interviews. Jack Korpela, hair properly spiked, has an interview with Mark Henry that to be honest is too short. R-Truth and The Miz are even given a segment that is about the perfect length.

Considering the WWE is already paying Scott and Korpela to be there it makes more sense to use them properly. Give them time to interview these men because between the two of them they could make the Pre Show something that people were wishing they were watching instead of chalking it up to just another one of those recaps. While I have enjoyed the show more since they started putting in interview segments, and always enjoy Stanford’s introductions of what happened before the clip he is about to present, we want more.

“Thanks Jack, stay safe out there tonight.”


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  1. They certainly need to try and even out the amount of Raw and Smackdown clips at least, because I never get to watch Smackdown, so this clips are actually something new to me, so seeing them gives me an idea of what’s going on over there. But the interviews are cool, I think they could stand to have one or two short ones, and then for the last five minutes or so, have a sit-down interview with Scott and one of the people in the high profile matches, or use it as a chance to get one last bit of build for that match you threw onto the card on Smackdown and could stand to do a bit of build with. It wouldn’t be hard to pre-record the interview at Raw, given some of the Smackdown guys are there now anyway.

    • They really need to figure out what they are doing with these Raw clips. The same clip they showed during the Pre Show was shown again during the pay-per-view, the Triple H, CM Punk, Kevin Nash clip. If they planned to show it again during the show there was no reason at all to show it during the Pre Show. That gives them at least five minutes they could have done with something else, be it Smackdown clips, or like you suggested: give Stanford five minutes or so to have an interview with someone. You’re right, it is better to show some Smackdown clips or interviews because by the time most of us watch it on Friday and are getting last minute matches there really was no build. Then they wonder why Smackdown is continually the “B” show. (Though I like Smackdown better for the most part). Good thoughts!

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