Superstars 10/20/11

Every week I come out with the top 4 reasons to watch the lesser known shows. Last week for Superstars I could only come up with three. This week I’m not even going to bother. This was the week where I was with the rest of the crowds understanding what is chasing people away from watching this show.

We start off the show with Jinder Mahal and Ted Dibiase. Even the piped in sounds don’t bother trying to be enthusiastic. Jack Korpela tries to save this match by showing his usual enthusiasm that only Korpela can muster every week. His enthusiasm might not be on par with my favorite commentator’s, but he tries every week to tell the story in the ring.

I can honestly say I’m not sure if Matt Striker is bored with the match in front of him or just told he has to mention the pay-per-view X amount of times during the match. Listening to Striker is a recap of Raw and a preview to the pay-per-view. While Striker is excellent when calling a match I don’t need the recap. The people who watch Superstars have watched Raw. And likely NXT. And will watch Smackdown. And the pay-per-view. These are the die-hard fans. Give them more of what they want.

After a match that I could not get motivated for we switch to the Raw portion of the evening which brings out Santino vs. Heath Slater. This match is to be Slater’s embarrassment before he is suspended because for some reason all of the wrestlers that are suspended need their embarrassment before going off screen. What better way to embarrass a man than letting him lose to Santino? Except Santino is incredibly popular, even if his new coif of hair is a little disturbing. This was probably my favorite match of the night and the one that our announcers for Raw (Scott Stanford and Josh Mathews) seemed to appreciate the most.

The last match of the evening is Air Boom (Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston in case you stopped watching WWE in the last few weeks) vs. Drew McIntyre and Michael McGuillicutty. You already know who is going to lose because, honestly, when was the last time Drew didn’t lose? This match could not hold my interest. I kept straining to hear the commentary in hopes that it would save the match and even Mathews and Stanford’s play at animosity could not save it. The two of them seemed as bored as I was feeling. This can’t possibly be a good sign.

Perhaps I am reading too much into it? I listen to Stanford’s commentary every week, three or four times. I pick out his best lines of the night. I make comments on the clothing he wears. I take screen caps of the man! So why did I feel like neither he nor Mathews wanted to be calling this last match?

WWE had future endeavored Superstars from only to turn around and bring it back two weeks later. Once they brought it back they only seemed to make the show progressively worse. Once again they seem to be anti-themselves. They were going to show it on the WWE Network, we would get it then. Then they turn around and bring it back and make it a more sub-par imitation of itself. Is this supposed to be what whets our appetites and makes us salivate for more? They are lucky they have Stanford or I might decide I have something better to do Thursday nights.

Best part of the evening was this exchange between Mathews and Stanford:
“One too many chimichangas for me, but other than that I’ve been having a ball.” “I spent the week trying to avoid hanging out with you.” “I noticed, I called you a few times.” “My phone doesn’t work down here.” “Very convenient.”

Other memorable Stanford quotes this episode:
“By the way, I really love the word chimichanga so is it all right if I just throw it in a few times?”

“Senoritas and margaritas.”

“Santino, staying alive once again.”

“Hook of the leg, no! Still can’t get to three.”

About Slater: “It’s amazing that he hangs out with Axle Rose. I used to love Journey.” Josh’s snort in retaliation to this tickled me pink. “Nah, I’m kidding, you kidding? Guns N’ Roses one of my favorites. Don’t stop believing, my friend.”

“That’s gotta do it!”


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  1. Drew McIntyre’s ridiculous losing streak is a total traveshamockery. The guy should be MAIN EVENTING, not being used to make vastly inferior “talent” look better than they have any right to look.
    If I hadn’t gone to the Raw in Columbus and watched Drew wrestle in a freaking dark match (against Primo), I wouldn’t be able to remember the last time the guy actually won a match.

    He’s a top ten talent. I hope the WWE takes its head out of its… rear end and starts treating him like it.

    Sorry for the loosely related rant. I agree with the rest of your points. Of course, the WWE has been sort of down the last couple of weeks, in general. Feels like they’re just coasting right now. Maybe that’s what happens when you have an absurd amount of ppv’s within a month and a half.

    • “Loosely” but not unrelated, so rant away. I know what a big McIntyre fan you are. I’m more upset that I was bored during a McIntyre match. I should never be bored. (Okay, so I was entertained by the boot on the ropes part but that’s about it).

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