Top 4 Reasons to Watch NXT 10/19/11

“Marks, get set-” – Matt Striker opening up a challenge. I swear he said “marks”.

This weeks Top 4 is kind of jumbled together, but for good reasons. The stories and segments ended up flowing very well together. So first I give you the Top 4:

4. Tyler Reks vs. Yoshi Tatsu
3. Kaitlyn and AJ
2. Maxine
1. Derrick Bateman

Now the reasons why it’s hard to separate these:

Number 4 isn’t as hard to separate. Tyler Reks comes out in his wrestling garb with Curt Hawkins who is sporting a cane that is stylish with his overall look. I am now wishing Curt Hawkins would just adapt the cane to be a permanent part of his look.

Tyler Reks says that as long as he is wrestling solo he will be taking out his aggression for Hawkins’ injuries during his matches. In comes Yoshi Tatsu, who needs new entrance music to go with this darker look. Tatsu is sans face paint again this week, which is a shame because even though it wipes off by the end of every match it is symbolic of him. Unless he wants to start wrestling in that mask he better bring back the face paint.

Tyler Reks is a surprisingly solid speaker for a man who looks like a surfing caveman. That is in no way an insult, I’m a fan of Reks, it’s just you come to certain expectations and when they are blown away it makes a person an even bigger fan.

Reks and Tatsu put on a solid match and look good fighting one another. This match alone could have been a reason to tune in to NXT, but then you have:

Number 3. Kaitlyn tells AJ she will get vengeance for her against Maxine and Maxine’s evil ways. Kaitlyn is still not as comfortable on the mic as she could be but she has grown since she began on NXT during season 3. Seeing her again and about to fight Maxine again had me taking notice, if just because their season 3 match was likely the worst match I had seen from two divas in a long while. This match was far beyond that match! Leading us to:

Number 2. Maxine loses her match to Kaitlyn when Kaitlyn smacks a submission on her that has me cringing just thinking about it. Despite this loss Maxine shines in character. She is Bateman’s partner, lover, and is a general upstart that despite being called “fish lips” shows she has skill and sex appeal. Maxine makes small appearances during Derrick’s bits on the show and has more personality than most divas would dare to show. Of course Maxine leads us right into:

Number 1. Derrick Bateman. It’s not secret I’ve become a huge Bateman mark since he returned to NXT Season 5, but this episode gives him the chance to show everyone else what I already saw in him. Personality: check. Skill: check. Timing: check.

Bateman starts off the show in a challenge. Oh no, Striker brought back the challenges? Only sort of as Bateman never really takes it seriously and gets himself disqualified, only to find himself having to face Titus O’Neil and Percy Watson in a tag match. But he’s left to find his own tag partner. He ends up finding that partner in JTG in a segment that had me rewinding to watch again. During this segment he talks to Kidd, Maxine, and then finally ends up with JTG. During all of it, and even through his loss, it’s hard to take your eyes off of Derrick Bateman.

Despite all of these reasons you are still refusing to watch NXT? Shame on you.


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