Top 4 Reasons to watch This Week’s NXT

4 Top reasons to watch NXT this week

This week I suffered from something close to déjà vu watching NXT. Didn’t I see these same matches last week? Just with the opposite endings?

However that was not nearly as bad as Percy Watson and Titus O’Neil trying to tell Maxine she had “fish lips”. They sounded enough like schoolyard bullies in their segment with Derrick Bateman and Maxine that Bateman mocked them with, “LOL. This coming from the man who barks like a wounded seal.”

Despite repetitiveness and awful insulting coming from Percy and Titus the show was still stellar. Why?

4. The Return of Matt Striker

I’ve complained for at least two weeks that Matt Striker had not been coming out on Superstars. I love Striker, more than I thought I did. When I was not seeing his face on NXT it was making me angry and then I complained a lot. His return made him not just the host of the show but seems to be pushing him as the acting General Manager of NXT. Another sign that NXT is becoming less about the competition and more about characters, plot, and wrestling.

3. Maxine vs. AJ

Sure, we saw this last week. And the week before. And possibly the week before. But these two work well together in the ring and AJ bends in ways that make me cringe. I feel like every time Maxine puts her into a hold that AJ should be snapping in half. Instead she simply rolls with it and continues to fight. Maxine also sported redder hair on NXT. I said it was so she and AJ looked less like sisters. Maxine said it was because she heard Laurinaitis liked redheads and she wanted to impress him.

2. Rematch between The Usos and Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks

The ending was predictable, last week Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks won. It still did not stop the four of these men from trying their hardest to steal the show. They almost could if it hadn’t been for…

1. Derrick Bateman

Derrick is consistently working at becoming the best on NXT. It was pointed out early in the show that there were only two contestants left. Apparently being suspended also made Darren a non-contestant now? Derrick came in halfway through the season and has stolen the show. He has the look, he is learning the moves, and he most certainly has the mic skills. At first he seemed uncomfortable as a heel, this episode he embraced it and enjoyed every aspect of his character. Paired with Maxine you either love the two of them or hate them but you will be entertained.

Other things of note during this show is the commentating team of William Regal and Jack Korpela. Regal has always given it his all and his all is pretty great. Korpela came in the first two weeks and did not know the rhythm of the show or his commentator partner. This episode he seems to have found his rhythm and while he is still not stellar he is no longer painful to hear. In fact I would say he’s good.

And you are still not watching NXT, are you?

Don’t forget WWE NXT is available on Wednesdays at 4pm EST and then any time after that.


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