Top 3 Reasons to watch This Week’s Superstars

I would normally go with the top 4 reasons to watch Superstars but I’m struggling. I disliked the Smackdown match this week enough that I have to keep looking up who it was because it was forgettable to me. (It was Heath Slaters against Ezekiel Jackson) I am entertained by Heath Slater though the more popular opinion is to hate him, but Ezekiel Jackson bores me. I found him more entertaining when he was out with an injury and being a trooper on twitter than I’ve ever found him as a superstar.

That means this week it will be a slightly condensed list:

3. Alex Riley vs. Drew McIntyre

Once again Alex Riley is trying to prove he’s not as botchy as we think he is. Of course it’s hard to fail when up against Drew McIntyre, who is a star in the ring. It’s just a shame that WWE does not see it the way we do. These two work well off of each other and bring us a pretty entertaining match.

2. Santino vs. JTG

Santino makes a more triumphant return on Superstars because instead of squashing JTG he gets to put on a good match for us. Yes, he has more hair than anyone is use to but he’s still just as entertaining as ever. And despite what everyone says about JTG the man does know how to wrestle. Will he ever be a main eventer? Of course not. But he is good at what he does and someone needs to be in that position to help put other men over. Not that Santino needs help getting “over”. He’s beloved and entertaining and charismatic.

1. Scott Stanford

I laughed so hard at Stanford’s commentary this week I had to rewind the first match because I missed it. Stanford works in commentary the way men wish they could. He’s vibrant and going to make sure you are entertained, whether it be by the match in the ring or him as he makes sure you know something about every person who shows up in the ring. Working alongside Josh Mathews Stanford dominates the commentary section. Of course I think Stanford could dominate any of the current commentators with possibly the exception of Cole, and for Cole it would just be pure tenacity.

Superstars may not have been my favorite of the WWE shows this week, that title so far might go to NXT, but for those who complain they want wrestling… You might be protesting too much if you aren’t watching the show that features just that.

Remember, if you are in the States, Superstars is back on brought to us every Thursday after 4pm EST and available any time after.

The best of Scott Stanford’s commentary this week

“Well here comes Mr. Chill. Mr. Fly. Mr. Minty Fresh.” – on JTG

“This guy is so cool, so fly, fresh, the folks at Febreeze are making a JTG fragrance.”

“Say hello to my little – No!”

“JTG, so fly this guy, he’s got TSA agents patting people down when they come to his house.”

“JTG is so cool, Josh, when he stops his SUV the rims don’t spin, the whole truck spins.”

“Kim Kardashian, Snooki, these are the people we look up to nowadays, huh? Maybe he’s got a point.” – On Drew thinking Americans are shallow

“Yes, things have certainly been going awry-” Josh Mathews on A-Ry

“McIntyre just staying alive here on Superstars.”

“This Alex Riley is a veritable Pu Pu Platter of talent, Josh. To use a Chinese food example, if I may.”

“I know what you’re thinking right now, if you look under the Chinese restaurant menu you would see my picture under Sum Dum Gai.” Josh: “I have moved on from your Chinese food references.”


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