Top 4 Reasons to Watch Superstars 10/06/11

This week Superstars made a triumphant return to  Here are the top four reasons you should watch it!

4. Matt Striker and his Ego

That wording might sound like I’m being harsh to Matt Striker but in fact this might have given us insight into how Striker really feels?

“I personally feel I’m a top tier announcer, a top tier manager, I can still go in the ring put a mic in my hand and again I’m top tier. But I’ve gotta eat and so I’m sitting right here and trying to be as neutral as I can.”

Matt Striker did not seem in the least vain when he was asking Jack Korpela what he was going to do about his job and then announcing how he felt. Instead Striker laid it on in the way he does all of his commentating: this is fact. Do not take what he is saying with a grain of salt. For those moments as his words come out of your speakers you will believe him.

3. AJ vs. Tamina

I have been waiting to see Tamina in the ring again. I’ve been a fan of Tamina since her explosive debut with the Usos last year. She might not be the best stylistic diva on the roster but she is learning. She may not be the most attractive diva in the ring but you can not keep your eyes off of her.

Put Tamina up against AJ, who bends like a pretzel and can take a wicked beating, and you have a solid match. AJ and Tamina look beautiful in the ring and keep your eyes entertained, even if you feel a bit dirty as you watch AJ.

2. JTG vs. Alex Riley

In a blog from just the other day I complained about being able to notice Alex Riley’s botched moves. Today he makes it into my top four list on Superstars. Why? I did not notice a single misstep in his match against JTG, who has also grown as an athlete since you stopped watching him. Alex Riley slowed down and it made the world of difference.

Now, instead of being the part where I groan during Superstars, this was the most delightful match I was able to see.

1. Scott Stanford

Scott Stanford is not just Zack Ryder’s broski. There is a reason he was picked to work as a commentator with the WWE. The man has the voice, he has the skills, he just does not get the time. He is engaging and going to make Superstars worth your while. For those who complain that Superstars has no underlying plot Scott Stanford and Josh Mathews will give you that plot. They will tell you the locker room stories that make these men and women a bit more interesting to watch.

Scott’s come a long way in his year at the commentating table (October 7th will mark his one year anniversary with Superstars). He’s taken the time to learn what is going on and bring it to you with excitement and vigor. He could make the most boring of shows worth watching, and Superstars is far from boring.

Other things of note during this episode are two other matches: Percy Watson vs. Michael McGuillicutty and Tyson Kidd vs. Ted Dibiase. Tyson Kidd’s Superstars matches would normally make my top four list, however this match felt cheated on time so they could show a recap of what happened Monday night. These two men deserved more time.

Scott Stanford’s best commentary lines from this week:

“JTG is the flyest Superstar here in the WWE.”

“JTG graduated from the mean streets with a degree in Flyology.”

“When he turns it on, BOY, he really turns it on.”

“Would you ever use that term to describe me? A pop off the screen personality?” Josh: “Nope!”


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