NXT: Reasons to Watch

As with Superstars the most common thing I hear is, “I don’t watch NXT.” This one is a little more split. Some people stopped watching after season one, some stopped watching after the diva season, and some stopped watching this season because it has been endless.

Here’s what you’ve missed on this particular season of NXT: the end of the competitions, the waning message of rookies, Yoshi’s new look, Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks, The Usos, Tyson Kidd, and William Regal showing you how commentating is done. It seems you might have also missed the return of Derrick Bateman. While Derrick Bateman may not be the best at putting on a submission hold he’s a highly entertaining man with moves that are slowly becoming more competent and fluid.

Did I mention Maxine? New hair, new ring gear, and a much better personality than previously. Now her sultry vixen and her power over Bateman all make sense.

This is no longer a show about rookies competing to be the next breakout star. This is a show with storylines and better wrestling you aren’t watching. The feuds might be laughable at times, Yoshi Tatsu and Tyson Kidd fighting over Kidd stealing Tatsu’s action figure’s leg, but believe it or not you’ll want to watch it happen.

When NXT decided it would no longer be on Tuesdays at 10 pm I found myself angry. I looked forward to this show more than I thought I did.

William Regal pretty much carries the commentating on this show. While Jack Korpela knows the moves and is good at announcing what is going on in the ring he seems to be a little green on trying to carry on a conversation and call a match. However, Korpela has grown in the few short weeks he’s been working with Regal, so I’m not giving up on him yet.

Why not give NXT another shot? What’s the worst that happens? You waste roughly 45 minutes of your time and you can say that Stanford Fan was wrong?

The best line of this week’s episode of NXT came from Curt Hawkins, “Well whoopity do, look who actually has a microphone in their hands.”

Best commentary of the show:

Regal: “Triple Heich”

Regal: “Something in the water down here, I’m stuttering more than normal.”

Regal: “My week is made. My week once again is complete. Jimmy the Gimmick is coming.”

Korpela: “JTG runs through Brooklyn at 2 am, the most dangerous parts of Brooklyn, to show that he’s afraid of no man.”

Korpela: “A Regal Stretch by Daniel Bryan.” Regal: “Probably the first time it’s been seen in about eight years.”


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  1. At least since Bateman reappeared on NXT, the shows have been fantastic. I love that they’ve gone away from it being “all about the rookies” and put more of an emphasis on storylines and other wrestlers who have been underused.

    Yes, Derrick Bateman is far and away the best rookie remaining, but the other two have their moments. Darren Young is a solid wrestler (and an uncanny resemblance to John Cena) with a “good” attitude, even if he gets repetitive (not unlike that guy he resembles). Titus O’Neil is much better than he was during his first run on NXT. His mic work still makes me want to stuff my ears with cement, but his wrestling skills have improved. Teaming up with Percy Watson was a good move.

    Tyson Kidd is gold every time he gets into the ring. Yoshi is much the same, and his new look is brilliant.

    The recent introduction of the Usos and Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks have pushed the show to another level. I love both teams. In fact, I wish they were feuding over the Tag Titles right now, since they’re far more entertaining than Air Boom (though I like Evan Bourne’s wrestling skills).

    WIlliam Regal might be the best commentator in the business right now. I’m still disappointed that Scott Stanford didn’t get the other spot when Todd left, since I think Regal/Stanford would be as good as it gets in the commentary department these days.

    On a closing note, not only does the team of Hawkins and Reks have mad mic skills, they’re also the best dressed team in the WWE.

    NXT is good stuff.

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