COO and No Confidence

I’m not doing a Monday Recap because, well, WWE does that every show. As do many blogs that talk about Raw. I want to focus more on a storyline and discuss where it’s going and why it’s a good, or bad, angle. As well as my take on commentating every show because, let’s face it, that might be my favorite part some nights.

Going in to last night’s Raw I was thinking, “I’m going to talk about this conspiracy theory thing,” and then Triple H and the vote of No Confidence happened.

My first reaction was, “This is pretty boring.” Beth Phoenix announcing, “we are girls,” felt like quite the stretch. She does not want to be one of the princesses and yet she wants special treatment for being a girl. Wade’s speech, while being the most thought-out and holding truth to it, was still filled with hypocrisy. Christian’s actually fit his character, I can not really complain.

As the show was going off the air with cheers in the crowd for Triple H and boos for John Laurinaitis. None of the top faces had made it onto television during that segment though I wonder if the crowds would really have been behind them walking out. In the few live shows I went to in the last month Triple H was the man everyone cheered. No matter who they were behind when it came to wrestlers the crowd went crazy for Triple H every time his music played. As last night’s Raw showed the only time the crowd ever really made enough noise to make a difference last night was when Triple H was being cheered, all alone in the ring.

I hated this spot. I was bored and filled with disgust at what the superstars were telling Triple H.

It was over. Everyone on twitter was wondering what could happen on Smackdown now. Did everyone just quit? Even this morning everyone was still talking about what this could mean for the show.

While others wondered who was behind it all, John Laurinaitis seems like too obvious of a choice, my question was, “Where do they go from here?” Suddenly a segment I loathed turned into something I felt might have actually been brilliant. While Hell in a Cell proved how predictable the WWE writers could be the following Raw ended up giving us something else. We knew that night that Triple H would be voted “No confidence” when they brought up the idea of the vote. Yet it was surprising to watch everyone walk out on him. When JR sat there for the longest time I was actually cheering for JR not to leave like the crowd. I booed when he walked out on Triple H along with them.

Where can this angle go? I have guesses, but there are many guesses instead of just one confident, “I know what they are doing next.” Vince returns, because we knew he could not stay off of television. Stephanie is behind it all because she thought she should be COO not her husband. John Laurinaitis is the most obvious choice and so they might go with it for a swerve because we would think they wouldn’t. Then there is the wondering: are they going to go with something that will really surprise us?

I thought I hated the segment. Now I find myself glad it happened, because at least I’m not sure where my soap opera is going. That’s the way I prefer things. What do you think is going to happen with this angle?

Best commentator lines of the night:

JR: “Randy Orton seems possessed. Bottom Line: Possessed.”

“How do you control the strongest man in the world?” “You don’t?” “How do you control the Viper?” “You can’t!”

JR: “They’re gonna get it on!”

JR: “Guccis! He was wrestling in Guccis!”

And some love for the Jinder/Santino segment:
“Halitosis” “Bippity Boppity Boo” “Yahtzee”
Jinder: “Let’s go.” Santino: “Okay!”


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  1. Yep they’re hoping Vince comes back or no COO… but then who would make matches that make no sense??? I think it was just the heels ganging up on HHH, because he’s the sun of the WWE universe.

    People are failing to realize… this was a vote of people that don’t matter. Its like asking 12 year olds who should be the president? Its like asking Internet fans about John Cena…

    People have hyped this up way too much in their head. I hate how this has become “real” and even in its reality its even more fake. What happened to wrestling damn. Do we really need a whole show revolving around what will happen to the fate of the show? This is TNA territory? What ever happened to 1 man making matches? Like a host… instead of ooo losing the show.

    Its like if Bob Barker or Drew Carey had all the beauties against him. Bob is the host… HHH is the host. Nothing more, nothing less.

  2. The ending segment was pretty bad from a logical argument standpoint, but the effect of everyone walking out was handled pretty well, with the exception that they didn’t stick several faces out there just so the crowd wouldn’t get conflicted about how they were supposed to cheer Triple H and boo everyone else. That was cowardly and/or lazy writing on their part.

    If the angle they’re running is “Vince got deposed for losing control” then obviously the goal of the walk out was to have the Board do the same thing to Triple H. If anything, it “proved” that Triple H had less of a grasp on things than Vince. Logically, “they” should have just about decided to remove him by now, but since this is the WWE, there’s no telling how long they’ll drag out that part of the angle.

    When was “one man making the matches, like a host” ever the norm? The WWE/F is full of GM’s, COO’s and CEO’s being involved in conflicts with the roster, getting into trouble, screwing people over, and getting removed.

    How many GM’s have been “fired” over the years? It isn’t even remotely handled like a game show. That’s a terrible analogy.

    Hugh Jackman made a “host” like appearance. Triple H is supposed to be the guy running the day-to-day operations of the company. It’s a huge difference.

    • WWE seems to want to be seeping in reality… but reality of the Miz & Truth running in would have a hint of them then cut to a different angle. Then on RAW… they would have had a vote that wasn’t live on the show. Media would have covered it, there would have been a press confrence and so on.

      Vince McMahon made matches, but yes I guess you’re right for the WWE it has always interjected big personalities into the match making process. Maybe that’s what Punk means by change. He doesn’t want a COO, CEO, GM, host or commissioner.

      Teddy Long…. he seems more like a host. Walks out makes matches, then disappears. He’s the glue of Smackdown.

      Anyway yes maybe its a terrible analogy for the WWE. And I guess you’re right about COOs running the day to day… therefore they shouldn’t have him on the show at all.

      Back to the point…. all of this with HHH is just too much. This is what people are talking about and not the wrestling.

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