Superstars, the show to watch

Too many people tell me, “I don’t watch Superstars.”

These are the same people who complain about the wrestling on Raw. The same people who say they are tired of John Cena and the 5 Moves of Doom.

WWE Superstars, which if you are from America can now only be found on you tube thanks to people like TheViperRK0x, continually has the best wrestling matches every week.

Superstars has the quality matches but it does fall into the same rut that Raw and Smackdown can: predictability. Brodus versus a local jobber? You know who wins. Daniel Bryan versus Trent Barreta? John Morrison versus Drew McIntyre? Chickbusters versus The Bellas? All have endings you would have predicted. Yet at the end of the show you still leave with a better feeling after Trent loses for the umpteenth time because boy did that man take a beating getting there! These are the matches people would pay to see and no one is watching them.

Then there of course is the commentating. I hear the collective groan out there. Anyone reading this knows that I am Scott Stanford’s biggest fan. Believe it or not, there is a reason for this, and it’s his ability.

Superstars showcases the WWE commentators that do not oversaturate Raw and Smackdown. For the Smackdown side we showcase Striker and Korpela and for the Raw side we are allotted a weekly dose of Scott Stanford and his sidekick on the show, Josh Mathews.

Matt Striker and Jack Korpela introduce us to this week’s Superstars. Superstars is where Jack Korpela feels most comfortable because he and Matt Striker have worked into a groove that works. Matt Striker has always been ace on commentary. He knows what he is talking about and knows how to be a heel announcer without going overboard on insults. His snide side suggestions are understated and often go unnoticed. Between Striker’s precision and Korpela’s detail the two give an entertaining experience that does not distract from the match in front of them.

We then move into the Raw portion of Superstars and are given the announce team of Josh Mathews and Scott Stanford. While I love Scott and could give you about one hundred reasons why he is the best announcer that WWE has to offer I will not say that this announce team is my favorite. Josh is dull. He relies too much on his facial expressions to give away that he thinks Scott is crazy with most of his comments and during Superstars it’s rare you see a shot of the announce team. While Stanford continually feeds Mathews lines that he could easily turn around on Stanford, Mathews seems to prefer the, “If I ignore him maybe he’ll go away,” approach.

While I may complain about things that happen on Superstars (I am a woman, complaining and changing my mind are my prerogative) this is the best show you are not watching. Quality matches, commentating that focuses on the superstars instead of their own abilities, and a chance to hear the best opening song WWE offers right now.

Scott Stanford’s best lines from this week’s Superstars:

“We are about to get Divalicious. I’m not only talking about AJ and Kaitlyn I’m talking about this fellow to my right, Josh Mathews!”

“Kaitlyn: kind of a hybrid between Natalya and Beth Phoenix.”

“The two count – No!”

(To Mathews) “The Bellas so far in control of the Chickbusters! No relation to what you and I used to call ourselves, the Chick Magnets.”

“John Morrison, just talking about he reminds me of Spider-Man!”

“Moonlight Drive! Haven’t seen that one in years from John Morrison. Pulled that out of his bag of tricks.”


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  1. Superstars does and doesn’t need to air. It does need to air because these guys are the future in a year or two. It doesn’t need to air because its practice. John Morrisson & Daniel Bryan make it watchable and their opponents get better having wrestled them. Its a neccessary evil. Maybe the show would be more watchable if once a month it had a big match or a big name guest host wrestler. CM Punk, Cena, Christian, Orton, Ryder.

    Or have Superstars only feuds for the guys to sink their teeth into.

  2. Oh and also… I think it could bennefit from a weekend timeslot. But since its canceled now it doesn’t matter.

    • Not canceled. It still airs overseas. WWE Network is going to show it once that is up and running, so they aren’t abandoning the show, they are just cutting costs for now and keeping it off of the website.

      • I’m not sure how many costs they’re cutting when they still film the show. I think its the simple fact that the WGN networks can do better without them. WWE Network will suck in the long run, because it will be too much wrestling and fans can watch the wrestling they want to. Kind of like WCW Nitro will be bigger than current RAW or Shotgun Saturday Night will be better than Superstars.

        Then eventually it’ll evolve into Cooking with Big Show. Extreme Hour with Johnny Nitro. Pat Patterson’s Wood Working and Furnature Building. or getting into reality shows.

  3. They’re filming Superstars during Raw and Smackdown, so there’s little in the way of additional costs there. It’s also good for waking the crowd before the “real” shows begin.

    There’s little chance that the WWE Network will evolve down those lines, because they’ve pretty much said that’s how it’s going to be from the start.

    For better and worse, the WWE hasn’t considered itself a “wrestling” brand for years, so anything involving WWE talent falls under its umbrella. We’ll probably see plenty of WWE Films shown there, as well.

    This week’s Superstars was bookended by two FANTASTIC matches. Bryan/Trent and Drew/Morrison should have been on Smackdown and Raw respectively. Unfortunately, the WWE creative team is in such a constant scramble to keep things moving that they rarely seem to know what the Hell they’re actually doing.

    • RAW = SNL

      And yes Superstars is filmed before both big shows…. but they don’t even have to have the matches. Without those 2 bookend matches there would be no reason to watch Superstars unless you’re the die hard fan that likes to see everything.

      I think the WWE creative is constantly told no that’s too predictable… change it. When normally creative can just write a 3 month storyline and have it go start to finish. But Vince feels if something is too predictable its gotta be changed and that just messes things up and forces rewrites that go against continuity. But whatever, its their company they can do what they want.

  4. If trying to be unpredictable is their goal, they’re not very intelligent people. The WWE tends to be highly predictable.

    Obviously, they don’t “have to have” those matches. That’s true of most of their booking on a weekly basis. They’re already paying the competitors though, so why not use them, especially while they still have tv contracts for Superstars in other countries? Superstars is also good for allowing newer/younger talent to perform in front of a television audience. It lets people work longer matches, as well. I’m sure someone gets more out of working a ten minute match than they do working a two minute match.

    If anything, they should promote Superstars more, give it actual storylines (like they started to earlier in the year), and treat it more like its own brand.

    • Unpredictability is their game. That’s why CM has the mic, that’s why they give people a title change on PPVs when they shouldn’t. That’s why they have Kevin Nash text himself. Swerve for the sake of a swerve like Taker turning on Jim Ross.

      They don’t have to have them BUT THEY NEED TO HAVE UNDERCARDS 🙂 How else will the D guys get better? FCW guys are E guys 🙂

      And I still say Superstars needs a main eventer guest host. Even if it hurts their pop on Smackdown or RAW for that week since the fans see so much of them. NXT needs it too. And yes absolutely give it their own brand the C brand, just like ECW. Nothing wrong with that. Then have a good match with Smackdown or RAW guys.

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